Saturday, September 30, 2006

"Publicity Stunt" Owens is Ready to Play

Well, the last that I posted about T.O. he was supposedly tring to kill himself. Since that time, it's been reported that that was not true (go figure), and he had an "accidental" overdose. I say that only with T.O would something like this happen. I won't make any assumptions about him and that whole ordeal. So...moving on.
Terrell Owens sat at his locker Friday flexing his swollen right hand, smiling and saying little.
After practicing for the second straight day, the Dallas Cowboys receiver seemed in good spirits and on track to play Sunday. But Owens, who will travel to Tennessee, refused to say if he would play against the Titans and reminded the media surrounding him that he talks on Wednesdays. But Friday evening Owens said on his radio show that he told coach Bill Parcells that he will be ready to play. "If he gives me the nod that I can play, then you best believe I will be ready, no matter what," Owens said. "They can slap the hand; they can do whatever they want to the hand. I will be ready." (Continue)


Loren said...

I can't stand this nigga. I pray that Sanaa really ain't with this fool. God Bless her if she is.

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