Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kobe to Sit in New York...

Kobe's trippin because he's been given a one game suspension for elbowing Manu Ginobili in the face on Sunday. This means that he'll miss tonight's game against the Knicks and is very disappointed, "I've been waiting to play here, it's always been a fun place for me to play here, and I'm surprised. Shocked, by it, actually,"

I can understand why he'd be shocked, pissed, or whatever. There's nothing like doing something that you didn't think was wrong and then getting punished for it. But on the other hand, chill Kobe, it's just the Knicks. He should be happy to have this game off.

...AND speaking of Kobe, if you so happen to want to book his look a-like for whatever reason, you can click here. NO LIE. As I was browsing google images, I ran across this celebrity look alike, LOL. Doesn't really look like him to me.


The winner of the 2006 Kentucky Derby was euthanized after being pretty f***ed up. A series of ailments -- including laminitis in the left rear hoof, an abscess in the right rear hoof, as well as new laminitis in both front feet -- was too much for the horse to handle (so everybody thought...hence taking it upon themselves to kill him). Barbaro was given a heavy dose of a tranquilizer and an overdose of an anesthetic and put down at 10:30 a.m.

I don't know how I feel about this. It's like the horse was trained and raced until it broke down and once everybody felt he was useless, they decide to kill him. Just think if human athletes were done that way. Like if an athlete couldn't bounce back from injury and fell off, he'd get "euthanized." Penny Hardaway comes to mind. Remember him?

Barry Bonds...

Looks like Barry Bonds will have a chance to become the new Home Run King (I really hope he does). He completed a $15.8 million, one-year contract Monday night with the San Francisco Giants. That's a helluva lot of money for one year!!!

Sprewell Gettin Sued???

I HEARD that Latrell Sprewell is getting sued for over $200 mill!!! Supposedly his longtime "girlfriend" who he shares four kids with is pissed that he hasn't held true to the promise of them being together forever AND he's now going his separate way. What better way to hurt a man than in his pockets right?? Well if this is true, she sounds like the fool. How you gonna have four kids with somebody and be comfortable with a "girlfriend" status for all of these years?? If this is NOT true....my apologies for entertaining this false information :-)

Friday, January 26, 2007


It's my muthaphuckn' birfday!!!! YAYYYYYYYYY!!! I'm now the BIG 2-5 and don't feel a year older than 15 (LOL)!! I love my birthday. It is my opinion that January 26 is the greatest day ever!! ALSO sharing this day with me is Vince Carter. So happy birthday to him too!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gotsta Be Mo' Careful...

Looks like there may be an actual taping of conversations between Reggie Bush and some guy he is being accused of taking money from. If that's true...sucks for Reggie. WELL, I take that back. It really sucks for USC because Reggie (as we all know) is an established RICH NFL running back. His former school, however, faces several sanctions. I guess at worse he could have his little Heisman taken away. Supposedly $280,000 in cash, rent and gifts was allegedly given to lil' Reg and his family. ***smh*** He still fine though...


Well at least that's what a pissed suspended Denton, Texas basketball player claimed the night of a game he was missing because of a suspension. Howard Stirgus, a hurricane Katrina evacuee who's relocated to Texas, was suspened for fighting and was like..."oh hell naw, if I ain't playin' ain't nobody playin'!!" That's when he thought it'd be a good idea to call the school and advise them of this fabricated bomb! He's in jail on $12,500 bond.

Surely this is not funny in 2007 because kids are actually doing shit like that for real, BUT I found a little humor in it. I can just imagine this angy ass basketball player tryna disguise his voice while calling in the bomb threat, LOL!! I wonder if his mama will leave him in jail for a while to "reflect" on his actions...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

School Spirit!!!

Here's a pic of Tennessee's head basketball coach, Bruce Pearl, in the student section showing support for the Lady Volunteers at their game vs. Duke. What a great idea!!! Some coaches would never do this. Who says that because he's a prestigious, highly paid basketball coach, he can't have fun??!!

Bill Parcells is Retiring...

Bill Parcells is retiring. That's right, he's had enough of the bullshit, cry baby, attention craver better known as T.O.! Just kidding, he's actually retiring because it's time...he's been at this since Moses was in high school. Happy retirement Billy Boy!!

"Physically, I could still do it. But, mentally, this is a 12-month-a-year job and I've been doing it since 1964. It was time to stop. I just have to let go.'' Bill Parcells

Yao Ming to Miss NBA All-Star Game...

Yao Ming will 'definitely' not play in the NBA All-Star game. He's gonna spend that time in re-hab for his leg. He fractured his tibia back in December. I guess they won't need to broadcast the game in China this year, cus you know he had that whole country's votes on lock. Yao Ming will be 40 years old and probably logging only 5 minutes a game and will still be an All-Star with all of China's votes.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Turns Out That It Wasn't What 'they' Thought...

...and I'm still confused. It just so happens that Mike Vick is cleared of any criminal charges because his "secret bottle" with his "secret compartment" didn't contain marijuana. So he's done no wrong. OK...so who walks around with a secret compartment under their Dasani label, and acts like a little weirdo when told to give it up??? Apparently, Michael Vick. I wonder what was the "small amount of dark particulate with an odor consistent with marijuana." Maybe he dips marijuana flavored tobacco. OR maybe it was marijuana scented braid grease. Just a thought.

D. Wade Birthday Party Pics...

Dwyane Wade (who turned 25 on Jan. 17) held a private dinner at the Havana Club in Miami on Saturday....I found a few pics (yay)!! I um....was gonna go but told him that I had to stay home and get a little work done. He was disappointed, nonetheless, but by the looks of it managed to act like he was having a great time without me there (LOL)...

**I like he and wifey's little silky matching number**

Gotta love Gary Payton!!

UM...why does it look like Udonis wasn't invited??
Dwyane Wade and the oh so gigantic Rick Ross...

Super Bowl History...

For the first time EVER...not one, BUT two teams led by black head coaches will face off in the Super Bowl. This proves that not only are black people great athletes BUT they are great at coaching athletes. I'm pulling for Tony Dungy and nem....Go Colts!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Michael Vick and His Airport Incident...

Michael Vick reluctantly surrendered a water bottle to security at Miami International Airport that contained a residue "closely associated with marijuana." The Atlanta Falcons' quarterback entered a concourse at the Miami airport with the 20-ounce bottle. He eventually handed it over and boarded his flight to Atlanta. But his initial reluctance to turn over the bottle aroused suspicion among airport security screeners.

The bottle was found to have a hidden compartment that contained "a small amount of dark particulate and a pungent aroma closely associated with marijuana." The compartment was hidden by the bottle's label so that it appeared to be a full bottle of water when held upright. No charges have been filed, but police said the bottle would be sent to a lab for analysis. Vick did not immediately return a phone call.

Damn Vick...it's 2006!!! You can't get away with suspicious behavior at an airport these days. I bet he was thinking, "I'm Michael Vick, they ain't gone take my water." HA!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just Because...

I'm bored as hell!!!

WOW is he ever so fine! This is Dwyane Wade on the April 2006 cover of Men's Health mag. I wasn't blogging back then, BUT I am now and....Good Gawd Awmity!! **wipes drool from keyboard**

So I hear that he and wifey are expecting their second child. Congratulations to the both of them. If he was my husband I'd have to be on the pill, the patch, the shot, and the ring, all at the same time to keep from being preggers every 9 months by this oh so sexable human being!!!!!!!!! Aight, I'm boutta go take a shower now...HOLLA !!! (told ya'll I was bored).

65 Years of Greatness...

Happy Birthday to Muhammad Ali. The man formerly known as Cassisus Clay ('mama named him Clay, I'ma call him Clay'), turns 65 years old today!

Cuttino Mobley at the Golden Globes...

So, the Golden Globe Awards were the other night and I spotted a few after-party pics. Amongst those were Cuttino Mobley and Nia Long who both accompanied each other to the event. I don't know if I'm late or what but I didn't know they were together. Great for them! I guess my biggest confusion is in trying to understand why in the hell he has that big country band-aide layin across his face. Surely he could've gotten something else that looked a little better. Hell, if you're gonna have a standard size band-aide on your face (at the Golden Globes) at least get the Sponge Bob kind. I see HE DIDN'T forget to put his lipgloss on though.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Um, What Had Happened Was...

A Charlotte Bobcat employee may be out of a job following Saturday's roster blooper against the 76ers that caused guard Jeff McInnis to be ejected in the first quarter. The employee turned in an official roster before the game that DID NOT include him as an active player. When he entered the game with 3:15 left in the first quarter, the 76ers was like "oh hell naw, he ain't supposed to be playing." SO, a ref called a timeout which lasted several minutes, and later announced that the Bobcats were called for a tech and that good ole Jeff was ejected.

Bobcats coach Bernie Bickerstaff looked at the wrong as hell roster, slammed it on the table, and walked to the bench while screaming 'off with his head.' Meanwhile, the employee was found hiding in the press box restroom shaking and mumbling repeatedly, 'please don't kill me.' LOL!

C. Webb Goes Home...

Chris Webber will be signing with the Detroit Pistons (his home town). So I guess that means that he's not retiring. Well, good luck with that Chris!

Friday, January 12, 2007

C. Webb Makes a Wish...

Chris Webber and the Philadelphia 76ers are parting ways. Now that C. Webb is almost a free man, he's made a "wish list" of five high profile teams he'd like to play for: Miami, Detroit, San Antonio, Dallas, and LA are his Fab Five squads. Supposedly, about 17 teams have already contacted him to express interest.

Hmmmm....when I heard that he was leaving the Sixers, I immediately thought retirement. I think that'd be the best bet, but hey, who am I??? The decline of Chris Webber has been a sad one. Since he's gonna continue to "play" basketball, I hope that wherever he ends up is a better fit for him than Philadelphia.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Broncos Offer Award...

The Broncos said members of the NFL organization are offering a $100,000 reward through Denver Crime Stoppers for information that leads to the arrest and filing of charges against a suspect or suspects in the shooting death of cornerback Darrent Williams. The team's reward is in addition to the standard $2,000 reward offered by Denver Crime Stoppers. (ESPN)

Um..for $100,000 I think I know who did it (j/k). Seriously, I hope they find whoever is responsible. Hopefully it'll be soon.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jason Is Leaving His Crazy Ass Wife....No Kidding!!

I read this shit and just shook my head. Jason Kidd has filed for divorce from his wife of 10 years b/c apparently....the bitch is crazy! According to divorce papers, he accused Joumana Kidd of "physically and mentally abusing him, threatening to make false domestic violence complaints against him to police and of interfering with his relationship with his children." He also recently filed a complaint...

The complaint, however, attempts to paint a detailed portrait of Joumana Kidd as a vitriolic, jealous and paranoid wife prone to public outbursts and threats, including during a recent Nets game.
According to the complaint,
Joumana Kidd used the couple's 8-year-old son on Dec. 27 to sneak into the Nets locker room and rummage through Jason Kidd's locker to find his cell phone. After looking up the names and numbers on it, the complaint said she left her son behind as she went upstairs to take a front row seat, where she shouted insults at Kidd throughout the game.

How dumb of her to be so cruel to such a nice, rich, kind, rich, man! Some women are so ungrateful. This man has rescued her from the 9-5 work life and this is how she repays him?? She sounds really deranged to me. They have 3 kids together and have been married for 10 years, why is she acting like some crazy college girlfriend? OH Well. Good Luck to J. Kidd b/c it doesn't sound like she's going down without a fight. It may be cheaper to keep her silly ass!

Damn It Re Re!!!

In case you're confused I'm talking about Serena Williams (that's what I call her since we're good friends and all, LOL). Moving along...on yesterday she lost 3-6, 7-5, 6-3 to some chick from Austria (Sybille Bammer) in the quarterfinals of the Hobart International women's tourney. She enjoyed only a brief winning run after being away from tennis for four-months due to injury. IMO, I think she's probably getting tired of the racket life. I've seen so many pics of her vacationing and chillin' poolside recently that I actually forgot why she's famous. Maybe I'm just jealous that I can't vacation and chill poolside b/c I'm always at WORK!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007


The National Championship game is tonight and I can't wait (Florida v. Ohio State)!! I'm pulling hard for the Florida Gators. So, I'll be crossing my fingers for the Gator Boys tonight.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jermaine O'Neal is Tired of Losing!!!

Jermaine O'Neal is fed up with being average. He wants his Pacers to win NOW or he'll be ready to throw Indiana the dueces.

I'm getting to the point, I'm in my 11th year, I don't want to play 82
games and then exit to watch somebody else pop champagne. ... I'm tired of that. I want to compete for a championship. If we can't do it, that's a whole [different] story. (ESPN)

I hope he gets his wish. I'm sure it's hella frustrating to give your all and never win the 'big' games. However, I think a lot of players need to realize that a lot of great players never win championships. There're some players, IMO, that are supposed to be only great players. Look at Charles Barkley....he doesn't have a ring. Neither does Dominique Wilkins and they're both Hall of Famers.

USC Kicker Found Dead...

Foul play likely was not a factor in the death of Southern California kicker Mario Danelo, whose body was found about 120 feet down a rocky cliff, police said Sunday. USC kicker Mario Danelo was discovered at the base of a cliff in Los Angeles Saturday. Investigators were still examining evidence recovered after Danelo's body was found Saturday...While police have not completely ruled out foul play, "there didn't appear to be a crime involved,'' police Lt. Paul Vernon said. "It was fairly apparent that this was either an accident or suicide,'' Vernon said. An autopsy could be performed as early as Monday to determine the cause of death, coroner's officials said. (Continue)