Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cuttino Mobley at the Golden Globes...

So, the Golden Globe Awards were the other night and I spotted a few after-party pics. Amongst those were Cuttino Mobley and Nia Long who both accompanied each other to the event. I don't know if I'm late or what but I didn't know they were together. Great for them! I guess my biggest confusion is in trying to understand why in the hell he has that big country band-aide layin across his face. Surely he could've gotten something else that looked a little better. Hell, if you're gonna have a standard size band-aide on your face (at the Golden Globes) at least get the Sponge Bob kind. I see HE DIDN'T forget to put his lipgloss on though.


Gorgeous Loren said...

Funny how everyone said she was dating Reggie Bush and she doesn't even know him.

Heart said...

Funny how they claim Cuttino and Nia to be together when they are just friends and went as friends...Being famous would suck, I'd have over a hundred boy-friends if a picture is what they used to calculate status without an actual kiss.

Danovis Pooler jr said...

For the record they are together
you idiot and besides it is all
about over seas women

Not no old ASS Nia long

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