Thursday, August 31, 2006

Latrell Sprewell: Strokin' and Chokin'

Looks like Latrell Sprewell's hands have once again found themselves around someone's neck.

Milwaukee police interviewed former NBA and Alabama star Latrell Sprewell on Wednesday after a woman accused him of choking her while they were having sex....The woman told police that she and Sprewell were on his yacht having consensual sex when he began to choke her, police said. The woman fought him off and, after returning to shore, Sprewell drove her back to her home. The woman then admitted herself to the sexual assault treatment center at Aurora Sinai Medical Center. (INFO)

For those who don't remember, Latrell has a 1997 chocking incident on his resumé, which involved his hands and his former coach's (P.J. Carlesimo) neck. An identified woman has accused Latrell Sprewell of chocking her while they were having sex, lol. Damn! She must have accidently called him Kobe. That's hilarious to me. Can you imagine having consenual sex with someone and all of a sudden you end up in a choke hold??? Wow. Well I guess she'll be getting a couple of millions pretty soon. Don't spend it all in one place girl.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

USA Remains Undefeated

The United States remains one of only four unbeaten teams after defeating Germany earlier today in Japan to advance to the worlds semifinals(I have no idea what time it is in Japan, but it has to be much later than my clock since the US has already served Germany a 85-65 thrashing). Although the US managed to escape with a victory, the stats weren't so impressive. With only 37.6 percent shooting and 10-of-40 from behind the arc, the good ole NBA boys used their defense to maintain their flawless record. They put on the pressure by limiting Germany's guards and preventing them from getting the ball to a usually explosive, well capable of scoring 300 points a game, Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk was only 3-of-12 and committed five turnovers. I must admit, it feels good to see the collaboration of NBA talent winning together.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Terrell Owens Finally Brings His Ass to Practice

Terrell Owens, who hasn't played an NFL game since October 30, is back on the practice field. Owens, now with the Dallas Cowboys, practiced for the first time in 10 days since missing practice due to a hamstring injury. T.O, who blames the aggravation of his hamstring injury on the team's decision to use him too much in practice, says he doesn't care about starting the opener, "I don't get any bonuses or extra pats on the back for starting," he said. "My value is when I'm on the field and I can make plays." We'll see. Hopefully he'll act a little better as a Cowboy than he did as an Eagle. He definitely showed his ass in Phili. I'm no T.O. fan, but I think he should definitely give modeling a try if he becomes bored with the millions he's making in the NFL. Oh yeah, here's his supposed myspace page. Check out his garbage profile song. He needs never record again.

Venus and Serena "Serving" a Good Cause

Looks like Venus and Serena are putting their talents to good use. On December 5, the two sisters will face each other in an exhibition match in New Orleans to benefit Katrina relief efforts. "After witnessing the destruction of Hurricane Katrina this time last year, Venus and I know that we had to do something to help," Serena Williams said . "Our hope is that we can help financially and also keep the communities that were affected top of mind." I think this is a really good thing..kudos to Richard's baby girls!!