Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Been A Loooooong Time!!!!!! *Just Saying Hello*

I'm not gonna even lie and say that I'm about to start back Blogging regularly though I flirt with the idea all too much. The other day I was reading this Blog and laughed at some of the things that I've written and forgotten all about. It was really like taking a stroll down memory lane. Even reading some of my posts I remember thinking, "Who is this person!" BOY how time matures you! I can't imagine publishing some of the things now that I once did. I think over the last few years I've definitely become more conservative and conscious of what I say. But I really do miss Blogging. I miss the freedom of writing sans restriction and having a platform to be expressive without judgment. I still love sports and I don't want to trash the Blog because I've always thought it was a good idea - which is why I started it. And boy has their been a lot to going on in the athletic world! I may just pop in with random posts! I never Blogged for popularity or a following, it was always therapeutic. *shrugs* Who Knows!!!