Monday, April 30, 2007


I've always wondered what A.I wears pre-game since the dress code enforcement. I couldn't picture him in a suit or anything. I thought he'd be fined after every game when the NBA made that rule. Now we see that he's still keeping it ghetto fabolous without breaking the dress code.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Finally, the Draft is Over....

...well kinda. The first day is the only day that really counts (unless you're getting drafted on the second day). Once again, the draft was long as hell, BUT how bout Keyshawn Johnson getting his Draft Day analysis on. He handled it like a pro!

Not to the surprise of many, Jamarcus Russell was taken first by the Oakland Raiders (then they turn around and trade Randy Moss). BUT to the surprise of all, Brady Quinn and his "what the f*uck" face was taken 22nd by I think. I'm sure nobody saw that coming, including Quinn. Surely he would've watched the draft with his gal from the confines of their home if he had expected that.

I won't re-cap the entire draft's pointless. So in closing I'd like to say, Go Detroit for drafting that fine ass former Georgia Tech eye candy Calvin Johnson!

Friday, April 27, 2007

LMAO!! Look at Prince....

I was browsing Bossip and saw this hilarious photo!! I would give anything to see Prince playing basketball. That's the Purple Rain man in junior high. I wonder what his stats were like?? I remember watching an episode of the Dave Chapelle show that had a skit of Chappelle imitating Prince playing basketball. I thought that it was far fetched but I guess not...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wanna Go to Wimbeldon and Meet Serena?? I Do...

That's why I entered in the Vicks Sinus Sweeptakes (sounds funny). I know I won't win cus the only thing I ever won in my life was a pumpkin in 3rd grade during a Halloween pumpkin drawing. But maybe your luck will be better than mine.

The Grand PrizeOne grand-prize winner will receive:

  • Airfare and transportation for the winner and a guest to London, England
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Spending money
  • The opportunity to meet Serena and watch her play a match in Wimbledon, England!

First PrizesFour first-prize winners will receive:

  • One Wilson® tennis racquet autographed by Serena
  • One Wilson® tennis bag and tennis gear
  • Nike® tennis apparel
  • DayQuil® Sinus and NyQuil® Sinus products

Hey, the grand prize winner gets to take a guest so if you win...holla atcha girl!

No More Clovers and Leprechauns for Sebastian...

I really don't have much to say about Sebastian Telfair being booted outta Boston. I just shake my damn head at these athletes who can't stay out of trouble. I get so mad when they get caught for doing dumb shit. Telfair's latest run-in: He was speeding w/o a valid license, got pulled over, a loaded gun is under the seat, he plays dumb like he didn't know. I ain't saying that guns are "bad" and athletes shouldn't have them...I ain't even saying that you shouldn't drive when you don't have a valid license, all I'm saying is if you can get in trouble for it...don't get caught!!
Mind you, this is the same guy who (in Portland) had a gun in a pillowcase on the team plane that he didn't "know about either." Give me a break...Telfair, holla back.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Nothing But Def Can Keep Me From Her..."

Venus Williams in true Color Purple fashion. Get em Venus! (JuiicyScoop)

**if you don't know who Celie and Nettie are you won't even get that header**

Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan...

I was browsing one of my favorite blogs (I'm Bringing Ugly Back), and saw Michael Jordan freak dancing Becky Vastrowski, and Meredith Waverly (I'on really know if those are their names for real) at what looks to be a club or something. This picture is funny because Michael Jordan is old as hell and these chicks look 19. Why does he remind me of a stripper in this picture? Maybe it's just me. If Michael Jordan decided to strip, his stripper name should be Black Stallion (I like that!).
**If you enlarge it and look at his face/head, it SOOOO looks photoshopped**

In Juanita news...

I was also browsing Mediatakeout today and supposedly Juanita has bounced back already! Her alleged new guy is a 29 year old (that would make him about 15 yrs younger than her) investment banker from the Chicago branch of Credit Suisse. What a lucky guy...he gets to help her spend those $250 mill that she'll be getting soon. He should send Black Stallion a thank you card!

I Thought This Was Funny...

The NBA playoffs have started and well...I haven't been watching. I've caught a few bits and pieces of some games but I've been kinda busy. ANYWAY, the Suns beat the Lakers in the first game of their series and held Kobe Bryant to (words of Suns' coach) "only 39 points." I guess Kobe's not having a good game when he scores only 39 points (lol). What's funny is that he had only ONE assist (39pts, 5reb, 1asst). I guess he really doesn't like to pass the ball.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Michael Vick Helps...

I'm sure that everyone knows about the maniac Virginia Tech student who lost it and decided to kill over 30 students, including himself. Well Michael Vick (former V. Tech standout) is teaming up with the United Way to donate $10K to help the families that were affected by what happened. How nice of him to sacrifice what he probably spends in one night at the club.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Birthday (Belated) Baron Davis!!

(Lauren London & Baron Davis....{bossip})

I happen to be a new Baron Davis supporter since I saw the footage of him working the drive thru at McDonald's. That was hilarious to me and it showed that he's a really good sport. HOWEVER, I'm not a fan of his facial hair. Baron Davis turned 28 and had a party over the weekend. He doesn't look 20 anything on this picture.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Remember Her??

I used to be a HUGE Dominique Dawes fan back in the day. I can't remember what year it was when she, Dominique Moceanu, and those other girls were killin' gymnastics at the Olympics (I think it was like '96). I watched every time they performed. Dominique Dawes was a beast on the Uneven Bars!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spicy's Top 5 Pro-Athletes...

These are my top 5 athletes. Not in terms of skill, but in terms of looks. It's Friday, slow at work, so here goes...

5. Matt Leinart, Arizona Cardinals

I don't give a damn how much the Cardinals lose....Matt Leinart is a WINNER!! (LOL) I used to reeeealy think he was on point until I start hearing the Paris Hilton rumors. Anybody rumored to have "been with" Paris Hilton loses points automatically. He has a great smile, and is just over-all a pleasure to view.
Who is Matt Leinart?: I think that Matt Leinart was that guy in school who didn't know the name of one black girl on campus. He just doesn't seem like the type who even fraternizes with black chicks.

4. David Beckham, Soccer

He's one of my favorite white boys!! He is hot!! I can remember when I first came to the conclusion that David Beckham was the shit. It was like I saw the light or something. He is undeniably cute, his body is undeniably perfect, and I would undeniably put a hurtin' on that white boy!! I've never dated a white guy before, but shiiit...I'd marry David Beckham.
Who is David Beckham?: David Beckham reminds me of a guy who secretly likes black girls. I knew a few of those in college. They wouldn't say a word to you in class, but when you saw them drunk at a party they'd let you know how beautiful they think you are over and over again.

3. Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints I lust over his existence, and repent thereafter. Reggie Bush has the kinda fine that is inherited...the kind that you're born with. I'm sure that he was the sexiest baby in the nursery.
Who is Reggie Bush?: Reggie was that neighborhood kid that all of the little girls wished would feel on their booties. Every neighborhood had that little boy.

2. Allen Iverson, Denver Nuggets

It's just something about those tats and his speaking voice that makes me wanna hop on a plane to Denver for a little one-on-one (sorry, couldn't resist the little play on words, lol). I love his "it's whateva" swagger! In a world where so many guys are suspect and embracing metrosexuality, he stands out as being 100% man, IMO. He's that guy that you just wanna ride around with while smoking blunts drinking Hennessy all day with the windows down and the hardest core rap music ever blasting through the speakers!
Who is Allen Iverson?: A.I. is your boyfriend's homeboy that you never want to be left alone with cus ain't no tellin what you might do.

1. Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

Need I say more?? Not only is D. Wade an exceptional basketball player, BUT he's exceptional to look at. He makes me happy that I can see. I'm a fan of the darker skin black guy and D. Wade is the perfect kind of black. He's not perfect looking to me and that's why I loooove him! He's beautiful, but not too beautiful. He's comes off as a nice guy, but not soft. I love to watch him play when he's all serious and intense...I usually pretend that he's looking at me and a bed is behind us (LOL).
Who Is Dwyane Wade?: D. Wade is the guy who you'd leave your husband and four kids for without thinking twice (LOL).

Not Quite "Pro"-Honorable Mention:

Al Horford, Florida Gators

Dayum...I didn't know that they made 'em like that in the D.R. He has the nicest lashes, and most wonderful eyes ever, and his smile is beautiful! I've watched his progression at Florida and he looks better every year! I like it when he flexes for me the camera! Al Horford makes me wanna move to the Dominican Republic.
Who is Al Horford?: Al Horford was the guy in college who had all the nappy headed hoes going crazy!!!

CBS Drops Imus...

As old as Don Imus is you'd think he'd know that you can't get Al and Jessee fired up! If you do, your life will be ruined. A day after MSNBC threw him the dueces, CBS is following suit and has fired him too...*smh.* I just don't know what to say about this anymore. I never thought that he should be fired though. I just have one question: Who made Al Sharpton the official voice of black people??

It's Finally Over...

All of the Duke Lacrosse players have been cleared of all charges. Looks like stipper girl lied! I was really hoping that she wasn't lying the entire time even though she was looking more and more suspect as everything went on. What I hate most is that she had all the black people rallying for her on TV and turning this into a race issue. Looks like Al Sharpton and his possee of anxious to scream discrimination negroes should be more careful of who they go to bat for. My advice to the Lacrosse time hire some honest strippers. Anyway, wanna see what she looks like??? Click here.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

NFL Commish to Pac Man Jones: "It is a privilege to represent the NFL, not a right!"

I hope that Pac Man Jones can get his shit together because he'll have the entire 2007 football season to do so. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended him for the season and Chris Henry (Cincinnati Bengals) for eight games. I hope that Pac-Man takes his punishment like a man and does a little growing up during his down town. See ya in '08 Adam!!

C. Vivian Speaks...

So I'm sure by now everyone has heard about Don Imus' reference to the ladies basketball team at Rutgers University as "nappy-headed hos." Of course he struck some nerves. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Al Reynolds, Al Rocker, Al B. Sure, and everybody else who's black and first name is Al or last name is Jackson is screaming for this man job's to be taken, etc. etc. Me personally (being black), I never really get razzled dazzled when white people say stupid shit that can be deemed as a "racist" comment. What makes me mad is when they say the shit BUT turn around and apologize for it! That pisses me off. If he thinks the ladies from Rutgers' are nappy headed hos, he should stick by that opinion and not apologize! But of course he did, because it's the "right" thing to do.

ANYWAY, here's what their jazzy little coach had to say (I just love her style)...
"These young ladies before you are valedictorians, future doctors, musical prodigies. These young ladies are the best this nation has to offer and we are so very fortunate to have them at Rutgers. They are young ladies of class, distinction. They are articulate. They are gifted."

She went on to say..."but some of these hoes do have nappy heads." (just kidding!!!!!)


Kevin Durant is declaring for the NBA Draft! I'm sure no one saw that coming. I'm usually
anti-early declaration in a lot of cases but in this case, I completely agree. He has won every award imaginable in only one season at Texas, and accomplished things that players don't accompish in four years. He's said that he's gonna complete the semester at school so a few hopefuls at Texas still have a chance to get knocked up...better move quickly bitches (LOL)!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Darryl Stingley 1951-2007

I didn't know who Darryl Stingley was before I read up on him today. What I did read happened to be very interesting. Darryl Stingley was an old school receiver for the New England Patriots until he became paralyzed in an Exibition game in '78. He unexpectedly died today, still a quadriplegic, at the age of 55. As of now, no cause of death has been given.

Jack Tatum (Oakland Raiders) was the man who paralyzed him. He and Stingley NEVER reconciled after the paralyzing incident. Ironically, in 2003 Tatum lost a leg to amputation because of complications with diabetes. He now gets around either with a prosthetic leg or via Stingley got around for the majority of his life. Here're a few interesting facts about the Stingley and Tatum:
  • Tatum, the former Oakland Raiders safety who in the late 1970s was one of the most feared men in football, had lost his left leg below the knee in April as a result of complications from diabetes and now was suffering from an arterial blockage that might cost him the lower part of his right leg.
  • Tatum wrote a book ['They Call Me Assassin'] and in it he said he went out there to hurt and maim people. Stingley was really hurt by what he said.
  • After paralyzing Stingley, Tatum made the statement, "I thought it was just a good football play. I hit him with my head and shoulder. I was just trying to do my job. It's unfortunate but it happens." As unfortunate as it was, he never offered an apology or even spoke with Stingley.
  • A few years ago, representatives of Tatum proposed a reconciliation with Stingley to be televised on Fox. Stingley was all for it until late Globe sportswriter Will McDonough called and told him Tatum was coming out with a new book and wanted to use the interview to boost sales.
  • Stingley once said: "If he called me today, I'd answer. If he came to my house, I'd open my door to him. All I ever wanted was for him to acknowledge me as a human being. I just wanted to hear from him if he felt sorry or not. It's not like I'm unreachable. But it's not a phone call I'll be waiting for anymore." (

I don't know if it was the "macho-ism" of Tatum or if he just didn't givva damn, but that's real f**cked up! I know that he didn't owe him anything, but a "hey dawg, my bad" would've been nice. Hopefully he's sorry in his heart. Darryl Stingley sounds like he was a stand up guy. May he Rest In Peace.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rocky Top!

(Candace Parker) ................(Nem)

If you ever attend a Tennessee basketball game, you'll probably have "Rocky Top" stuck in your head, and you'll probably be pissed. Their band plays that damn song about 476 times beginning with warm-ups and ending when everyone has cleared the arena!!! Moving on...

Pat Summitt is PAID!!! If I'm not mistaking, she's the highest paid coach in WBB and damn it she deserves it!! Her Lady Vols won the National Championship last night (against Rutgers), and this makes her seventh career title! She's been coaching at Tennessee since Martin Luther King was a baby (by the way today marks the 39th anniversary of his assassination...keep RIP Dr. Kang), and she's had successful team after team over the years. Congratulations to Pat Summitt, Candance Parker, and nem.

Why Is Allen Iverson's Step Daddy Slangin' Rocks???

A.I. must not be breaking his step-father off any money at all. That's the only way I could partially understand why this man was caught with crack with the intention to distribute. After being pulled over by the Po-Pos for a minor traffic violation, they asked to search his car after seeing an open container of alcohol and he let them. That's when they found the crack, and body in the trunk about $3,000 cash. (AOL Sports)

No Bunnies for Bush...

Damn, I wonder why Reggie Bush was banned from the Playboy Mansion...So far, no details have been given. A "conduct violation" is the only reason that's been given. When I began reading the story, I immediately thought that maybe he got too drunk and started making it rain on Hughes Hoes while pouring Moet down a Bunny butt crack. However, my theory was dispelled as I read farther and found out that the conduct violation didn't include a playmate. (AOL Sports)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Knew It...

Congratulations to the Florida Gators for doing what I knew they'd do since everyone decided to come back to school last year. Even though GranPa Oden played his ass off, it still wasn't enough. Ohio State became Florida's most significant piece of Gator bait this season by getting chomped with a final score of 84-75, making Florida back-to-back national champions.