Sunday, April 29, 2007

Finally, the Draft is Over....

...well kinda. The first day is the only day that really counts (unless you're getting drafted on the second day). Once again, the draft was long as hell, BUT how bout Keyshawn Johnson getting his Draft Day analysis on. He handled it like a pro!

Not to the surprise of many, Jamarcus Russell was taken first by the Oakland Raiders (then they turn around and trade Randy Moss). BUT to the surprise of all, Brady Quinn and his "what the f*uck" face was taken 22nd by I think. I'm sure nobody saw that coming, including Quinn. Surely he would've watched the draft with his gal from the confines of their home if he had expected that.

I won't re-cap the entire draft's pointless. So in closing I'd like to say, Go Detroit for drafting that fine ass former Georgia Tech eye candy Calvin Johnson!

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The One! said...

Man, Brady Quinn had to wait 4 hours before getting drafted. I'd bet that he's still pissed. I would be.