Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spicy's Top 5 Pro-Athletes...

These are my top 5 athletes. Not in terms of skill, but in terms of looks. It's Friday, slow at work, so here goes...

5. Matt Leinart, Arizona Cardinals

I don't give a damn how much the Cardinals lose....Matt Leinart is a WINNER!! (LOL) I used to reeeealy think he was on point until I start hearing the Paris Hilton rumors. Anybody rumored to have "been with" Paris Hilton loses points automatically. He has a great smile, and is just over-all a pleasure to view.
Who is Matt Leinart?: I think that Matt Leinart was that guy in school who didn't know the name of one black girl on campus. He just doesn't seem like the type who even fraternizes with black chicks.

4. David Beckham, Soccer

He's one of my favorite white boys!! He is hot!! I can remember when I first came to the conclusion that David Beckham was the shit. It was like I saw the light or something. He is undeniably cute, his body is undeniably perfect, and I would undeniably put a hurtin' on that white boy!! I've never dated a white guy before, but shiiit...I'd marry David Beckham.
Who is David Beckham?: David Beckham reminds me of a guy who secretly likes black girls. I knew a few of those in college. They wouldn't say a word to you in class, but when you saw them drunk at a party they'd let you know how beautiful they think you are over and over again.

3. Reggie Bush, New Orleans Saints I lust over his existence, and repent thereafter. Reggie Bush has the kinda fine that is inherited...the kind that you're born with. I'm sure that he was the sexiest baby in the nursery.
Who is Reggie Bush?: Reggie was that neighborhood kid that all of the little girls wished would feel on their booties. Every neighborhood had that little boy.

2. Allen Iverson, Denver Nuggets

It's just something about those tats and his speaking voice that makes me wanna hop on a plane to Denver for a little one-on-one (sorry, couldn't resist the little play on words, lol). I love his "it's whateva" swagger! In a world where so many guys are suspect and embracing metrosexuality, he stands out as being 100% man, IMO. He's that guy that you just wanna ride around with while smoking blunts drinking Hennessy all day with the windows down and the hardest core rap music ever blasting through the speakers!
Who is Allen Iverson?: A.I. is your boyfriend's homeboy that you never want to be left alone with cus ain't no tellin what you might do.

1. Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

Need I say more?? Not only is D. Wade an exceptional basketball player, BUT he's exceptional to look at. He makes me happy that I can see. I'm a fan of the darker skin black guy and D. Wade is the perfect kind of black. He's not perfect looking to me and that's why I loooove him! He's beautiful, but not too beautiful. He's comes off as a nice guy, but not soft. I love to watch him play when he's all serious and intense...I usually pretend that he's looking at me and a bed is behind us (LOL).
Who Is Dwyane Wade?: D. Wade is the guy who you'd leave your husband and four kids for without thinking twice (LOL).

Not Quite "Pro"-Honorable Mention:

Al Horford, Florida Gators

Dayum...I didn't know that they made 'em like that in the D.R. He has the nicest lashes, and most wonderful eyes ever, and his smile is beautiful! I've watched his progression at Florida and he looks better every year! I like it when he flexes for me the camera! Al Horford makes me wanna move to the Dominican Republic.
Who is Al Horford?: Al Horford was the guy in college who had all the nappy headed hoes going crazy!!!


Loren said...

I agree with ALL of them EXCEPT Matt. He'd cock-eyed and his face is pugdy. I agree with you on the black girl thing too. LOL. I think Al should be take his.

SJH said...

Lemme preface this whole thing with a "NO HOMO"...

Loren, you trippin'. Matt Leinart's handsome. He's got the suave-but-laidback, not trying too hard pretty boy look.

Salsa, how the hell is Wade #1? He wouldn't be near my top 5. He ain't even cut up like Reggie. What's special about his face? I hate that nigga's lips; something doesn't look right. And I think his nose ain't up to snuff, either. And his eyes are kinda droopy.

But I feel you on Reggie and Beckham. I can see Iverson, but he wouldn't be on my list. If I was gonna like a dude, he'd have to handsome, muscular, fashionable, smooth, cool and metro. Yes, metro. Smelling good, well-groomed and all that. The "Aww, he's dreamy" type. Mark Mulder would also make my list. I wouldn't be messin' with them dirty types. And Reggie and Beckham embody that sexy. Like, "Bitch, my hands softer'n yours and I smell better than you. And you love that shit. Climb on top!"

DISCLAIMER: I ain't gay. This is all hypothetical. Girls should appreciate a fella who ain't afraid to take the masculine off for a minute and real talk with ya.

Spicy Salsa said...

SJH..I love your disclaimer and I love how you sized up my picks. I hate when guys act like they can't "take the masculine off" **claps my hands.**

OK. I just absolutely love D. Wade. Mainly because of the reasons that I listed. He's not perfect. My sister hates his lips as well. However, thats just one of his imperfections that I embrace.

I love A.I because I have a thing for his hood personality. He's hood without wildin out and actin an ass. I love guys that're personable and cool to be around...A.I seems like he's just that.

LMAO @ your David and Reggie comment. It was a serious toss up between Matt Leinart and Tom Brady. I 'loves' me some Tom Brady too, but I just decided to do my Top 5 and not Top 10. If I had done Top 10 Tom wouldn've been there along with John Cena!!! OMG How sexy is John Cena??!!! Very.

juiicySCOOP said...

Beckham and Bush... My dream 3 some! It's unhealthy for a man to be thatttttt damn fine, and I'm speaking about Beckham.

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