Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Why Is Allen Iverson's Step Daddy Slangin' Rocks???

A.I. must not be breaking his step-father off any money at all. That's the only way I could partially understand why this man was caught with crack with the intention to distribute. After being pulled over by the Po-Pos for a minor traffic violation, they asked to search his car after seeing an open container of alcohol and he let them. That's when they found the crack, and body in the trunk about $3,000 cash. (AOL Sports)


SJH said...

I like how you wrote it as "slangin'" for that souf flava.

And Kobe's father is gonna coach the LA Sparks. Either he loves coaching a lot, or Kobe ain't cutting him a big enough slice of the bread. And, of course, it's been reported that there's a rift between Kobe and his folk (err'body hates him).

Jelly Bean says: "Sheeeeeeet! I can't be fucking with that bootleg DirecTV, on some O.J. shit. I got bills to pay, and that ballhoggin' bitch nigga...I ain't even gon' trip. Well, it was either coaching these giraffe-sized bitches or playin' d-boy with Iverson's daddy. And I done told that fool, I'm too old and pretty for jail. And you know which ungrateful sumbitch wouldn't bail me out."

As for Iverson's step pop, I'm wondering. Even if Ivo doesn't care about him, you know he spoils Mama Iverson. You might see her wearing minks in mid-July, looking hood spectacular (the elevated version of ghetto fab). So she'd have enough to break hubby off some crumbs. He's either (1) addicted to the hustle. He doesn't need the money, he just gets thrills from breaking the law, and the extra money doesn't hurt. (2) The crack was for him. That he had a large amount didn't mean he intended to sell, he just stocked up on a years supply of rocks.

It's a crazy world. Well, if Ivo's step father is really a paper chaser, he'll parlay this and cut a rap deal.

"Me and Iverson, we both be passin' the rock/ Difference is, he get an assist, fiends hand me the guap"

juiicySCOOP said...

Got DAYUM!!! Why is Dadddy slangin' those thangs? Are they estranged?