Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rocky Top!

(Candace Parker) ................(Nem)

If you ever attend a Tennessee basketball game, you'll probably have "Rocky Top" stuck in your head, and you'll probably be pissed. Their band plays that damn song about 476 times beginning with warm-ups and ending when everyone has cleared the arena!!! Moving on...

Pat Summitt is PAID!!! If I'm not mistaking, she's the highest paid coach in WBB and damn it she deserves it!! Her Lady Vols won the National Championship last night (against Rutgers), and this makes her seventh career title! She's been coaching at Tennessee since Martin Luther King was a baby (by the way today marks the 39th anniversary of his assassination...keep RIP Dr. Kang), and she's had successful team after team over the years. Congratulations to Pat Summitt, Candance Parker, and nem.

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juiicySCOOP said...

Candace Parker is my friend on Facebook!!!