Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's Finally Over...

All of the Duke Lacrosse players have been cleared of all charges. Looks like stipper girl lied! I was really hoping that she wasn't lying the entire time even though she was looking more and more suspect as everything went on. What I hate most is that she had all the black people rallying for her on TV and turning this into a race issue. Looks like Al Sharpton and his possee of anxious to scream discrimination negroes should be more careful of who they go to bat for. My advice to the Lacrosse time hire some honest strippers. Anyway, wanna see what she looks like??? Click here.


MegRai said...


These guys were presumed innocent from the start.

You got these rich, white boys against a lower-class Black stripper...who you think gon win?

I'm mad that when Kobe was convicted of rape, they were ready to condemn him but turn the tables and now these guys "lives are ruined" and it's no way in hell that rich whitey could ever rape....white men don't rape women. I'm not surpised at the outcome.

And don't forget that this girl was a college student doing what she had to do to gain her education. She doesn't have mommy and daddy spoiling her and paying her way through life. God bless her and something happened that night but God will take care of it.

Anonymous said...

As a man this shit makes me mad. Rape is a serious thing and you shouldn't lie about that! Period.

SJH said...

Women who accuse men of rape should be thrown in prison if it's proven that she lied. Bitches need to cut that shit out. A lot of them treat it like it's a game and crying "Rape!" is their secret weapon. I consider rape the second worst crime to murder, and personally, I think rapists should be executed. So to make shit up and lie about a crime so heinous, you should never be able to get away with it.

I like how they exposed the picture, too. And that liar is ugly as hell. Now there's a nappy-headed hoe. Fuck yeah, I said it. I wouldn't catch that if she was throwin' it at me. Ew.

Megrai, Kobe wasn't convicted. He settled (I think the settlement was $5M). I wished they'd gone through with the trial though. The defense punched so many holes in that little whore's case. She went and fucked her boyfriend the same night she was allegedly raped by Kobe. Yeah, that's what every rape victim does. "I just got it smashed by a 6'6" black man, who happens to be celebrity, so the first thing I'm gonna do is - no, not tell the police or my family - go over to my boyfriend's for some more dick." Fuck outta here. And that chick was ugly, too. That was Kobe's biggest mistake. Going that low and acting that desperate, like he couldn't get better groupie love.

Spicy Salsa said...

SJH I agree. A woman who lies about rape should do jail time b/c that's some serious shit!! I think rape is worse than murder. Sometimes there're reasons for murder (self-defense, accident, person gets on your nerve..etc) HOWEVER there's NO reason for rape whatsoever. You don't hear a person getting raped in self-defense or raping by accident. So if a woman lies about rape, her ass should do a lil' time!

Kobe's stupid for that Colorado Trash that he ran up in. **smh** I'm still trippin that he went raw. What kinda lame-o fucks a groupied raw?? Obviously his name is Kobe.

juiicySCOOP said...

What messed up all her credibility is that she ended up pregnant 9 months after these guys allegedly raped her. Also, it showed that there were OTHER guys semen inside of her, nan one belonging to the Duke' Lacrosse Players.. so she may have been raped but with all of this evidence she lost all her credibility and just took on the role of being a typical "Ho ass stripper" chick.

Robert said...

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