Saturday, September 30, 2006

"Publicity Stunt" Owens is Ready to Play

Well, the last that I posted about T.O. he was supposedly tring to kill himself. Since that time, it's been reported that that was not true (go figure), and he had an "accidental" overdose. I say that only with T.O would something like this happen. I won't make any assumptions about him and that whole ordeal. So...moving on.
Terrell Owens sat at his locker Friday flexing his swollen right hand, smiling and saying little.
After practicing for the second straight day, the Dallas Cowboys receiver seemed in good spirits and on track to play Sunday. But Owens, who will travel to Tennessee, refused to say if he would play against the Titans and reminded the media surrounding him that he talks on Wednesdays. But Friday evening Owens said on his radio show that he told coach Bill Parcells that he will be ready to play. "If he gives me the nod that I can play, then you best believe I will be ready, no matter what," Owens said. "They can slap the hand; they can do whatever they want to the hand. I will be ready." (Continue)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

No More Season for Odell Thurman

Looks like Odell Thurman had to be taught a lesson. Less than a week after commissioner Roger Goodell visited Cincinnati and reminded players of their responsibility to stay out of trouble and represent the league honorably, Odell goes and gets his ass arrested for drunk driving, becoming the sixth Bengals player arrested this year. Thurman, a former Georgia stand-out, was already suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. Good job!! I'd like to know how he plans on helping his team win if he's not playing. Hmmmmm...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Big Deal....

(Byron and Smoky Scott)

The daughter of New Orleans Hornets head coach Bryon Scott was arrested for possession of marijuana.

... Londen Scott on Sunday, Sept. 24, 2006, in Edmond, Okla. Scott, the 19-year-old daughter of New Orleans Hornets coach Byron Scott, was arrested on a misdemeanor complaint of marijuana possession, police said Tuesday. Scott, of Edmond, was arrested Sunday at a site where homes were being constructed, police spokeswoman Glynda Chu said. (INFO)

So what....she got busted with a little Mary Jane. This just proves that Byron Scott has a normal teenage daughter. She just needs to be a little more careful next time so she won't get caught.

Barry Bonds Returning After This Season....Big Surprise!

Barry Bonds who is only 21 home runs behind Hank Aaron, will play in 2007, his agent told the "Barry's going to play in 2007," Jeff Borris of Beverly Hills Sports Council told the paper on Tuesday. "I've had many discussions with Barry and he's going to play. My intentions are to see to it he's in a big-league uniform next season. Those are my marching orders."
Contract talks with the Giants could begin next week. Bonds, who is finishing up a five-year, $90 million deal, plans to play sparingly in the season's final week now that the Giants have been eliminated from playoff contention. The slugger said he would likely take Wednesday's day game against Arizona off, then play Friday night in the series opener with the rival Dodgers -- and perhaps a few innings Saturday.
"I have every reason to believe the Giants will contact me as soon as the season ends," Borris told the Times. The 42-year-old Bonds has 734 home runs -- Aaron's career record is 755 -- and has played significantly better since the All-Star break. He is hitting .382 (34-for-89) with 10 home runs, 26 RBI and 18 walks in his last 28 games and has raised his batting average from .235 to .271 during that stretch.
Who really thought that he was going to walk away after this season? I've said this before....I hope he shatters Hank Aaron's record so that when he does walk away, it'll be that much harder for someone to surpass him.

Dirk Nowitzki: Far From Being Broke!

OK...let's get something straight. I don't have a favorite pro team in any sport. I just have favorite players. My opinion is that some of the best players are on the wrong teams for themselves. For example, I think that Kevin Garnett (who's one of my fav players) is on the wrong team, as well as Allen Iverson, as well as Ray Allen (list goes on). Therefore, I'm no fan of the Timberwolves BUT I think that KG is the shit. NOW another one of my favorite players (who I feel IS on the right team for himself), is Dirk Nowitzki. The Mavs obviously think that he's right for the team as well because they have extended him to a 3-year $60 mill contract. Can you say 'Damn?!' I don't understand or agree with all of the money THROWN at professional athletes, but can't hate the player for it. I just hate when they bitch about it not being enough. I think all paid athletes are lucky in that many of them are rich for "playing." When I'm at work, I get in trouble for playing. But if you're gonna pay millions for talent, Dirk (I think) is one who deserves it. He's one of my favorite players b/c I like the fact that he's multi-dimensional. He's a big player who can post up, and shoot threes. I love big players that can actually shoot (i.e. the great Hakeem Olajuwon). Shaq seems like a great person and all, but I've never been able to be a fan of his game because he seems so one-dimensional to me. Yeah, he's a threat in the post BUT he's just that...a post player. If you're as big as he is, you're supposed to dominate down low. Get him out of his comfort zone (or on the free thrown line), and he's virtually useless.
***Click here for the Dirk story***

T.O Wants to Die????

Ok...all jokes aside. I read this and couldn't believe it. Reportedly, Terrell Owens has been hospitalized after a failed suicide attempt. I really hope that this is one of those stories that's been exagerrated by the media. I'm definitely no T.O fan, but damn...suicide? I don't want the man to die just because I'm no fan of his public persona. If this is true, this is really sad AND (like I've thought all along), he needs help.
Flamboyant Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens attempted suicide by overdosing on pain medication, even putting two more pills into his mouth after fire rescue personnel arrived, The Associated Press reported Wednesday citing a police report. A Dallas police report released Wednesday morning said Owens told rescue workers "that he was depressed." The rescue worker "noticed that [his] prescription pain medication was empty and observed [Owens] putting two pills in his mouth,'' the police report said. The worker attempted to pry them out with her fingers, then was told by Owens that before this incident he'd taken only five of the 40 pain pills in the bottle he'd emptied. The worker then asked Owens "if he was attempting to harm himself, at which time [he] stated, 'Yes.'" Owens was taken to the emergency room Tuesday night. A source close to Owens told ESPN's Ed Werder early Wednesday morning that Owens was suffering an adverse reaction to painkillers taken for treatment of his fractured hand. (Continue)
I didn't think it was that serious. He appears to be one of those people who's high off of his ego, and would never harm himself. Either way, I hope that he gets it together AND I'm happy that he's still alive. I'm sure Bill Parcellss is too :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Saints March to Victory...

Well, the New Orleans Saints returned to the Super Dome on yesterday, and beat the shit outta the Falcons. The pre-game activities mirrored that of a Super Bowl match-up with musical performances and a choir soulfully singing 'When the Saints Go Marching In.' Everything was good about the Saints, while everything sucked about the Falcons. Personally, I was hoping that the angry spirits of the Super Dome would turn the game into a haunted adventure for everyone. I wanted to see some unexplainable power outages and balls disappearing outta the air after being punted. Surely there has to be angry spirits in the Super Dome still pissed about dying there after the strorm. I might sound crazy, but I believe in that kind of stuff. ANYWAY, if there were any angry spirits....they worked for the Saints and against the Falcons. Michael Vick was held to 12-of-31 passing and he got sacked 5 times! DAMN! I watched the game, and it just seemed like everything went New Orleans' way. The Saints cruised to a 23-3 victory and are now 3-0. Oh yeah, after the game the president of the United States had this to say: "Welcome home Saints!!! and F*** you displaced Katrina victims." (ya'll know I made that up)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Indianapolis Colt's Reggie Wayne Loses Brother In Automobile Accident...

Indianapolis' victory celebration turned somber Monday. The usually boisterous locker room noise was replaced by emotional, thoughtful reflection as Colts players offered support to their grieving receiver, Reggie Wayne. Wayne's older brother, Rashad, was killed in an automobile accident Sunday -- something Colts players didn't learn until well after Sunday's game ended. After hearing the news, Wayne flew back to his home state of Louisiana so he could help the family make funeral arrangements...Sunday's 21-14 victory over Jacksonville gave Indy the early edge in its quest to win a fourth consecutive AFC South title. But almost before the Colts could savor their 11th straight win over a division foe came word about Wayne's brother. Rashad Wayne, 32, was killed when the delivery truck he was driving crashed into a highway guardrail in Kenner, La. James Gallagher, a spokesman for the Kenner police department, said Rashad Wayne was pronounced dead at the scene. The news instantly changed the Colts' perspective. "That put a damper on a big win for us," coach Tony Dungy said. "Reggie called me right after the game and said he didn't know what happened but that he had to go home. Obviously, that's not a call you want to get."(Story)
Damn! That's too sad. You don't have to personally know a person to be saddened by their misfortune. Things like this should serve as a reminder that no one is exempt from tradegy or heartache. I'm sure Reggie Wayne would trade so much just to have his brother alive and well. We should all realize that life is valuable, but when it's time for it to end it's out of our control. From the richest to the poorest, there's just nothing that can be done to change this. My thoughts are with his family, and the families of everyone suffering from unretrievable losses.

Larry Brown Wants His Money!

I still say that the New York Knicks are dumb as hell for firing Larry Brown. They're even dumber if they think that Isiah Thomas is going to perform a one year miracle with that team. I'm sure the Knicks fans are wondering WTF?? Since I'm not a fan of any NBA team, the firing of Larry Brown doesn't personally affect me. I just don't think that it was a wise decision. Anyway, Larry is out to get his $50 million plus payoff along with some more monies owed to him. I hope he gets every cent because firing a championship caliber coach after only one season with a team that sucked anyway, was just not very well thought out.

Larry Brown is seeking a $53.5 million payoff from the New York Knicks for firing him after only one season as the team's coach. Along with the $41 million that remained on the original five-year contract he signed last summer, Brown is asking for an additional 25 percent of the original value of the $50 million contract, or an additional $12.5 million, as "liquidated damages" as a result of the firing. The finances were revealed Thursday in a 10-Q form filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by the Knicks' parent company, Cablevision. The Sports Business Journal originally reported the story Friday on the Internet, but Newsday also obtained the 10-Q form, which is a public document. NBA Commissioner David Stern is expected to serve as an arbitrator between the sides. A decision will not be immediately rendered. (Story)

Dwyane Wade: 'One IS NOT Enough!!'

I write these words with all of the jealously and disgust in the world (lol). Just kidding. D. Wade reportedly has some big plans for the future, and amongst those plans is to get wifey knocked up with baby number 2.
"I'm ready to have another baby," he said. "And if that comes, it will come over the summer."No, he said with a laugh, Siohvaughn is not pregnant. Not yet. But July or August, while USA Basketball is qualifying for Beijing, would be the perfect time to change the next set of diapers. And that has the reverse clock ticking..."We're in the process now," he said.This, too, is another moment of maturity. With Zaire, there was the struggle to make ends meet while still attending Marquette as a redshirt freshman. Now there is planned parenthood. "It's something nobody in my family has ever done, plan for it like this," he said. "I'm really ready. My son is about to be 5 years old. He's grown up and I think it's time to extend my family." (Story)______________________________________________________________________________

Of course him saying these words just makes my D. Wade fantasy that much harder to come true. BUT, I guess I'll put that to the side, and just be happy for him and his wife. In all seriousness, I think this is really good. So often these days, people don't get a chance to plan for children. The fact they are in a much better situation than they were in with their first kid is awesome. SO the best of luck to the both of them. It must be nice!

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Super Dome is Back In Business.Yeah!!!....I guess.

The Louisiana Superdome is back in business, more than a year after Hurricane Katrina's devastation. On Monday night, the iconic symbol of New Orleans will put the newsreels of storm-inspired misery behind it and get back to what it was built for -- big-time events. Monday night's event is so big, it'll require two stadiums. Two NFL commissioners will be there. Two internationally renowned rock bands will play in the Superdome shortly before kickoff. And two teams will take the field to a sold out stadium for the matchup of unbeaten archrivals -- Saints vs. Falcons. Saints players and coaches are well aware of the frenzy, and they're trying not to think about it too much. "The evening's only special if you win it," Saints coach Sean Payton said. "We're seeing a good team come in here in Atlanta. ... We're going to have to have a good week of practice, and all the other stuff is stuff that we can't control and we just want to make sure it doesn't become a distraction." Kickoff is at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN. (NFL)
I have mixed emotions about this. Yeah, I'm happy that a facet of New Orleans is up and running back like normal. I'm happy that New Orleans is beginning to have events that will bring some of the revenue back into the city. I'm happy that the NEW ORLEANS Saints are back in New Orleans. That's all good...BUT, this is a prime example of what takes priority these days. I could be totally wrong in my thinking but hey, these are my thoughts. They're people from N.O who don't givva damn about the Super Dome or the Saints. All they want is to return to their neighborhoods and homes. From my understanding, some places there still look like the day after Katrina (minus the water). From my understanding the homes in the 9th Ward are no where close to returnable and the neighborhoods are still demolished. The Super Dome had some issues before it could be a place to "play" again, and it's back already? It's back before many of the homes of the people who lived like animals there following the hurricane? I know it's been over a year and that's enough time to get the Super Dome "ready," but a year is also enough time for many of the displaced evacuees to be returning back to normalcy. NO, this is not a "Katrina" post, but what happened last year has me shook. AND it will probably for the rest of my life. But oh well. Who gives a damn? Just as long as the Saints can return, and the Super Dome is ok. Right?

Well I Be Dog-Gone!

"It was an accident and I am not sure how the dogs escaped. I have reached out to the owners of the horse and will do whatever I can to help them get through this very unfortunate situation. "

Pittsburgh Steelers' linebacker Joey Porter needs to be thanking his lucky stars. Reportedly, two of his dogs escaped from his property and killed a poor, helpless, defenseless horse. He needs to be thanking those stars because it could've been a poor, helpless, defenseless child. I know people grow attached to their animals, and the loss of this horse probably really is affecting the owner, but at the end of the was just a horse. If it was a kid, this would be terrible for him.
__________________________________________________________________________________ Two dogs owned by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter got off his fenced property and killed a miniature horse on a nearby farm, leading to citations that carry several hundred dollars in potential fines. Porter's dogs, a pit bull and a mastiff, got loose Sept. 19 and killed the horse that was less than three feet tall. The dogs were still in the dead horse's corral when police and animal control officials arrived...Porter helped police get the dogs off the property and back to his home. Because Porter's yard is fully fenced, police did not know how the dogs got loose...The horse's owners have so far declined comment. Porter was cited for harboring dangerous dogs, failure to confine the dogs, and failure to have the dogs licensed. The fines carry several hundred dollars in potential fines. Porter said he raised the dogs as pets and not as attack animals and plans to send them to a kennel in California for safe keeping. (NFL)

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, looks like my ladies won't be bringing home any gold either. ______________________________________________________________________
Three weeks after the men settled for bronze at their world championships, the U.S. women will be relegated to a similar result at best. Russia beat the two-time defending champion United States 75-68 in the semifinals of the women's world championships on Thursday night. Now, the Americans will need to beat host Brazil on Saturday to match the men.
"It's going to be hard, knowing that we're not going to be playing for the gold medal," forward Sheryl Swoopes said. "I think everybody is disappointed, from the coaching staff, the players, everybody here. But I know that nobody wants to go home without a medal. Even though that's not going to be gold, not going to be silver, I don't want to go home empty-handed."
The loss snapped the United States' 26-game winning streak in this event. (ESPN)
Damn those Russians!! I was really pullin' for them. I don't have anything negative to say. I still stand by my beliefs that these ladies grind much harder than most men in the NBA. They do a lot for less.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Melo and La La = Da Da and Ma Ma...

Well it looks like Melo has been penetrating more than lanes, shooting more than threes, slamming more than dunks, and....ok I'll stop here with the "play on words." Carmelo Anthony and his MTV VJ turned, never have to work again if I don't want to girlfriend, La La Vazquez, are having a baby. Awwwww. How cute! This is off topic, but until last year, I thought this chick was black! Go figure. Either way....the two, who've been engaged for what seems to be an entirety, issued this statement,

"It's much easier to have a baby than it is to get married. That's why we're pregnant."

LOL...Just kidding. They did not say that. BUT they are expecting to be parents around March, and do plan to get married after the baby is born. Maybe this kid will encourage his ass to work twice as hard to get his team deep into the playoffs. (story)

Grant Hill: "I Feel Better than a MuthaF****!!!!"

(Damn that's a nice suit!!!!)

OK...he didn't quite say that, but he's recently expressed that he feels 'great' and it doesn't look like he'll be walking away from the NBA just yet.
He could have been long gone by now, off collecting retirement checks and working on his second career as a real estate mogul or possibly even the owner of an NBA franchise.
But instead Grant Hill has spent yet another summer tucked away in a gymnasium, desperately clinging to the hope that for once during his time with the Orlando Magic, his body will not fail him. This summer hasn't been much different for the fallen superstar small forward -- again he's been forced to rehabilitate from injury and wonder if he'll ever be able to recapture the glory and brilliance that used to seemingly ooze from his every pore...For the first time in a long time, Hill isn't hobbled with pain or haunted with doubt. A season after he was frustratingly in and out of the lineup again for the Magic because of painful tears in his lower abdomen, Hill committed himself to working most of the summer with famed physiotherapist Alex McKechnie....I've fought through a lot just to get back to this point and I think that kind of shows how much I love to play the game," Hill said. "I feel great now, and I want to stay healthy for an entire season. I want to play as long as I can stay healthy. But if anything, I've learned that you take it one day at a time."
Good for him. I think that he's waiting to have a great season so that he can retire. I'm sure he doesn't want to end his career on a sad, broke down, 2 point averaging note. It's funny how one minute you're hot shit, and the next you' shit. Remember the Detroit Pistons, Sprite commercial Grant Hill? Now he's just...grant hill. Since he's still giving this thing a shot, I hope he works it out and has an outstanding year, and RETIRES!! We're tired of seeing these athletes "hold on to the dream." Sometimes you gotta let the game go. Especially if it has already let you go.


I saw this picture and...I love it! I think that it's very creative. College football fans are some of the most innovative fans in all of sports. I've seen some some great creativity at college football games. I ran across this picture on, and it definitely ranks amongst the most creative in my simple little book. Where do these people get these ideas from, LOL.
**This was from last weekend's Tennessee/Florida matchup in which, "The Gator Hater's" got chomped**

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Rich Gets Richer...

Shaquille O'Neal is set to take on the Miami real estate market. The Miami Heat center and four-time NBA champion announced Tuesday the formation of The O'Neal Group, a real estate firm that's aligning with MDM Development in a $1 billion project to build 1,100 residential units in a sprawling downtown Miami complex. The project -- Met Miami -- will include an 866-foot building, touted as the tallest residential tower south of New York City. Plans also call for office buildings, a five-star Marriott hotel and a 24-Hour Fitness, which O'Neal is also partnered with.
"I'm trying to give people a better way of living," O'Neal said.
O'Neal began building a real estate portfolio 14 years ago, as a rookie with the Orlando Magic. That part of his portfolio alone is worth an estimated $50 million. Neither the development group nor O'Neal would divulge if the All-Star is an actual investor in the Met Miami project, which is being developed only a few blocks south of the Heat's waterfront arena. Both sides, though, said that O'Neal has "significant" financial interest in the project's success.
(From ESPN)
That's what's up. Shaq is extremely smart in realizing that he shouldn't just rely on his basketball money. I know he's been in the league forever and he's rich enough (from the NBA) to never be broke...but hey, getting involved in other ventures won't hurt. That's how the dough keeps rolling in. I've never met Shaq, but he seems to have one of the best attitudes and personalities that I've seen of any athlete of our time. You can only wish the best for people like him. **Message to Shaq: if for any reason you stumble across this site, Will you please pay my student loans off for me? Thanks!** LOL.

Tiger Growls!!!

Tiger Woods was outraged Wednesday at an Irish magazine and a tabloid that linked photos of his wife to various pornography sites, and his agent was studying the merits of a lawsuit.
"My wife, yes, she has been a model prior, and she did do some bikini photos," Woods said. "But to link her to porn Web sites and such is unacceptable, and I no not accept that at all. Neither does our team."
The Dubliner magazine wrote in its September issue about Elin Nordegren, his Swedish wife of nearly two years. "Most American golfers are married to women who cannot keep their clothes on in public," the magazine wrote. "Is it too much to ask that they leave them at home for the Ryder Cup? Consider the evidence. Tiger Woods' wife can be found in a variety of sweaty poses on porn sites."
Inside the tabloid, it reprinted photos of Nordegren in a bikini, along with a nude photo of a woman purported to be Nordegren. Woods vehemently denied it was his wife when it first came out three years ago....Woods said his anger has nothing to do with the Irish people or the gallery who have come out to the golf course, even on Wednesday when the course was closed for three hours in the morning because of 40 mph wind and rain. "I know the media can be a little bit difficult at times, but when you ... it's hard to be very diplomatic about this when you have so much emotion involved, when my wife is involved in this," Woods said. "As I said, I don't want that to deter from the beauty of this event."
Woods said making public his feelings was a matter of sticking up for his wife.
"You do things for the people you love and you care about," Woods said. "My father got ridiculed for years, and I always felt for my father and my mother the same way. My wife, we're in it together. We're a team, and we do things as a team. And I care about her with all my heart."
(From ESPN)
LMAO!!!!!!! Tiger Woods has beef? What is the world coming to? I would love to have audio (or video) of Eldridge's angry moment. But seriously, why is he getting so defensive about the situation? I guess that they're two things in life that Tiger doesn't want to be known as: 1) A black man 2) A hoe's husband. Hey, this man better watch out before Tiger beats the shit out of him with one of those golf clubs.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Knee Injury Sidelines Jevon Kearse

Jevon Kearse will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury the star defensive end sustained in Philadelphia's overtime loss to the Giants on Sunday. Kearse's injury included sprains of multiple ligaments, including the medial collateral ligament, the lateral collateral ligament, and the posterior cruciate ligament.
The Eagles said that treatment options for his knee will be determined in the near future.
Kearse, who had 2½ sacks in the game, was injured when his leg knocked against Mike Patterson while the two brought down Eli Manning on New York's first possession of the extra period. Kearse reached for his left knee immediately after the play, was helped off the field and carted to the locker room.
Ouch!! I know he must be frustrated, mad, all of the above. The season just started and now he has to sit out.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Maurice Clarett to Serve 3 1/2 Years in Prison...

(Maurice Clarett and friends)

According to the Associated Press: Maurice Clarett has agreed to a plea bargain that will send him to prison for at least 3 1/2 years.
Clarett's deal with prosecutors in Columbus came today as jury selection was set to begin in his robbery trial.
The plea covers that case and another that arose out of a police chase last month that ended with officers finding four loaded weapons in his vehicle.

I'm hoping that those 3 1/2 years serve him well. I hope that when he's released, he comes back a better person. It really seems to me that he has some issues, and probably needs help. I know that going to prison is not necessarily help, but it can actually do people some good (sometimes anyway).

I Thought College Was Supposed to be Safe!

OK...Five players at Duquesne University were shot on Sunday after coming from a dance. This is scary to me because the perception of college/universities is always safe and welcoming. A lot of students feel much safer at their university than they do or did at home. I know that when I was a college student, my guard definitley took a small vacation. You just don't think about getting shot, robbed, carjacked, etc. while you're in school. However, now that I'm no longer a college student, my guard is to the roof.
Armed police officers stood guard outside dormitories at Duquesne University while other officers roamed the downtown campus in their cruisers...Two players had been walking near a dormitory when they encountered a man who apparently had been disruptive at a student union dance, authorities said. The players attempted to pacify him and walked away but were shot. Players who rushed to their aid were also shot....In critical condition at Mercy Hospital was forward Sam Ashaolu of Toronto, a transfer from Lake Region State College...In serious condition was Stuard Baldonado of Colombia, a transfer from Miami Dade College...Taken to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian hospital was Kojo Mensah, a guard from New York City. His condition was not released. Treated and released were Shawn James of New York City, and Aaron Jackson of Hartford, Conn., a guard who is one of only two returning players...
James was shot in the foot but no bones were broken. Mensah was believed shot in the shoulder. Jackson was shot in the hand. (Continue)

One of the players still remains in critical condition after being shot in the head. I really hope that he, and everyone else, pulls through this and bouces back stronger than before.

**For some damn reason, I can't upload pictures. I've been trying forever. Pictures of the players can be found here. **

Friday, September 15, 2006

Coach K Speaks...

Nearly six months after rape allegations were first made against members of the Duke lacrosse team, basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski and other athletic administrators gathered with the school's athletes for a closed-door pep talk to start the school year. "What this situation this spring did was that people wanted to put a cloud over all of athletics and specifically lacrosse, and I don't think that's fair, quite frankly, because we have so many great kids," Krzyzewski told The Herald-Sun of Durham. "If somebody did something wrong, then hold them accountable, but don't indict everyone. So tonight was about saying to the rest of the student-athletes, 'Hey, y'all are good. Have a great year. Let's keep pursuing excellence."' (Continue)
So basically Coach Krzyzewski is telling his players to keep his name, and the team, outta the media (negatively that is). Coach K doesn't givva damn about lacrosse. He probably doesn't really givva damn about Duke (just a possiblity). The words you see above are just that, a pep talk. I'm sure he's made it bluntly clear to his players that he will not tolerate any of that lacrosse foolishness. Coach K is a smart man...if it were the basketball team in that situation, he'd just pay the damn stripper and threaten to have her killed if she said a word (just kidding). Seriously, I'm sure if something was to go down with Duke basketball, you wouldn't see him just up and quit like the lacrosse coach did. What's up with that?

Come On Ladies!!!!

I'm so excited! The NBA women are 3-0 in the preliminary round at the FIBA World Championship. I don't want to speak too soon, and I'm defintely knocking on wood b/c when I posted about the men being undefeated, they lost the next game. **crosses fingers**

(former UCONN standout Diana Taurasi)

Tina Thompson scored 19 points and Candace Parker added 17 as the U.S. clinched first place in Group C with a 90-80 victory over Russia in the FIBA Women's World Championship. DeLisha Milton-Jones added 14 points and eight rebounds for the U.S., the defending two-time champions who improved to 3-0, with all its victories coming by double digits....The U.S. will meet Cuba in the second round Saturday afternoon. (INFO)

Hopefully, the next post will be about them winning the gold. I can't express the way I feel about women athletics (especially basketball). The differences in men's and women's basketball (collegiate and professional) are so huge. You'd think that they were two totally different sports. I feel like the WNBA is on the rise though. There are so many phenominal athletes in the WNBA, and there're some ladies in college who are just amazing to watch. The days of the "traditional" aspect of basketball played by women are fading. Ladies are dunking and just killing on the court in all facets of the game. OF course I could go on and on about this but I won't. I just want the ladies to keep ballin' and represent the WNBA and the United States well!

Reggie Bush: Getting Paid Before Payday...

(Reggie Bush posing with his {possibly} soon to be a memory, Heisman Trophy)

Allegedly Reggie Bush and his family received over $100,000 in benefits from marketing agents before his career in the NFL began.
The report was based on an eight-month investigation by Yahoo! Sports, citing documents and interviews with on-the-record sources close to the situation. It lists several instances in which Bush and his family appear to have received financial benefits, including:
• Suits for Bush's stepfather and brother to wear during the Dec. 10, 2005, Heisman ceremony in New York, a makeover for his mother for the event and limousine transportation -- all paid for by Ornstein.
• Two hotel stays by Bush, one in Las Vegas and another in San Diego, in March 2005. In both instances, the rooms were paid for by Michael Michaels, a marketing agency investor who wanted to represent the football star.
• $13,000 from Michaels' fledgling firm, New Era Sports & Entertainment, to purchase and modify a car for Bush.
• $595.20 in round-trip airfare from San Diego to Oakland in November 2005 for Bush's stepfather, LaMar Griffin, his mother, Denise Griffin and younger brother to attend the USC-California game at Berkeley. The charges were put on a credit card belonging to Jamie Fritz, one of Ornstein's employees. (Continue)


If this is actually true (which I'm sure that it is), USC faces more penalties than Reggie Bush. They could possibly be stripped of their national championships, etc while he could lose his Heisman Trophy. I personally have no sympathy for that though. Let's say this is true, and he loses his Heisman or whatever. BIG DEAL! The fact that the school could suffer is the bad part about this. The NCAA has a lot of rules (some may even be misunderstood), BUT everybody knows that when you're on (athletic) scholoarship, you can't receive money, gifts, etc. You walk a fine line in that area while you're a student athlete. I don't understand the impatience of stand out players. It was almost a given from the time Reggie Bush began his collegiate career that he would move on to the next level SO, why not resist deceitful agents, and follow the rules? Pay day, for Bush, was coming soon enough. AND I don't like to hear that crap about student athletes struggling and finding it hard to turn down all the "extras." SO WHAT! There are students who struggle everyday AND guess what: they're not on scholarship (hence struggling to even stay in school), they don't play any sports (meaning they don't even have the option to take or turn down money), AND they can't even see millions of dollars in their immediate future like some stand out student athletes can. SO, if these allegations are true...I feel sympathy for the University of Southern California. I feel sympathy for all the athletes who played on the championship teams with Bush who followed the rules, and could possibly have those titles taken away.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Come on Barry, You Can Do IT!!!

Barry Bond's is now only 24 home runs away from being the home run king.

Bonds hit his 732nd career home run and 24th this season leading off
the ninth, moving the slugger within 23 of tying home run king Hank Aaron's

The Giants ended up losing (to the Rockies 9-8), BUT who cares. One more homerun for Barry Bonds is a victory. I definitely hope that he breaks the home run record by a comfortable margin. I'm sure WHEN he does it, it won't be properly celebrated or recognized but hey....he'll be the "king" and until someone breaks his record, that's the way it'll remain. 'I'm pulling for ya Barry!'

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Who Will be the Next Yao Ming?

Kobe Bryant's been visiting Asia and he looks so happy. By the looks of it, everybody seems happy. He held a 90-minute basketball clinic for the kids over there. I'm sure the Asian ballplayers really enjoyed his lessons on sportsmanship, how to maintain healthy relationships with your teammates, and how to avoid prison time. Gotta love it. it just me or does it seem like damn near everybody in that picture wears glasses?

Univ. of Northern Colorado Punter Stabbed by Teammate!

The University of Northern Colorado's reserve punter was arrested Tuesday, accused of stabbing his rival in his kicking leg. Mitch Cozad, a sophomore from Wheatland, Wyo., allegedly attacked starting punter Rafael Mendoza in a parking lot in Evans on Monday night..Mendoza, the Bears' first-string punter from Thornton, was treated and released from the North Colorado Medical Center Monday night. Coach Scott Downing said Mendoza will not punt for UNC in Saturday's game at Texas State University...Cozad, Mendoza and freshman Zak Bigelow had been in a three-way race for the starting punter's job in preseason training. Mendoza has averaged 37.6 yards per punt on nine punts in the two games so far this season. Cozad is facing second-degree assault charges and was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday for a bond hearing. He was suspended from the team, evicted from his residence and expelled from school..(INFO)
________________________________________________________________ about unnecessary roughness! This is a bit much. What was this dude thinking...."ok, I can stab him in his kicking leg and start on Saturday." It doesn't work like that. This is some Tonya Harding bulls#@*. I guess he found nothing wrong with what she did to Nancy Kerrigan back in the day. I tried to get a pic of the "stabber" but couldn't find one anywhere. I went to the school's website and his name wasn't even on the roster anymore. They must have removed it the second he got handcuffed! Well, I hope that Mendoza recovers well and returns to the gridiron. If Mitch Cozad was reading I'd tell him, " can't go around stabbing people in the leg all willy nilly!!!!" (The pic. below is of Raphael Medoza..the innocent kicker).

10th Year Anniversary of the "Death" of Tupac...

Read Commentary Below
OK...I can't seem to get it together this morning BUT the video that's above this post should be included in this post. However it's not BUT after you read this, look at the video.

**This has absolutely NOTHING to do with sports**

10 years really sounds like a long, long time. The death of Tupac was extrememly huge to music (more specifically rap) as a whole. It can draw comparisons to the impact of Kurt Cobain's death on rock. Either way, I still say that Tupac is still my favorite artist of all times (of any genre) so of course I had to post about him. I remember being 14 when Tupac died. I had his All Eyez on Me CD (that I got my older cousin to purchase b/c of not being old enough to actully buy it myself), and I was absolutely in love with it. I would blast it when my mom wasn't home, and listen to it softly when she was. That still remains my favorite CD. BUT...if you wanna keep it sports related, I can. The night that Tupac was shot, he went to a Tyson fight (when Tyson was hot) in Vegas. After the fight, a security servaillance camera got footage of him beating the fool outta some guy (who now is actually dead). So there you have it, everything can tie back into sports in some kinda way. OH, and am I one of those people who think that Tupac is still living?....YES (lol). His entire death was a conspiracy/mystery and it's highly likely to me that he's still living and breathing. Check out the video in the post above.

In the event of my Demise when my heart can beat no more
I Hope I Die For A Principle or A Belief that I had Lived 4
I will die Before My Time Because I feel the shadow's Depth so much I wanted 2 accomplish before I reached my Death
I have come 2 grips with the possibility and wiped the last tear from My eyes
I Loved All who were Positive In the event of my Demise
.....Tupac Shakur

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kevin Harvick is Speeding to Success!

Five months ago Kevin Harvick was on the verge of jumping ship. Now he's close to leaping onto the stage at the Waldorf-Astoria as NASCAR's Nextel Cup champion. With his contract coming to an end after a seven-year relationship with Richard Childress Racing, Harvick was the most sought-after driver for the start-up Toyota teams -- and, for that matter, any top team. His team was in the midst of a reorganization that had yet to bear fruit, and it was time for Harvick, at 31 years old, to live up to the potential he had shown in RCR's dark days following the death of Dale Earnhardt at Daytona in 2001. (Continue)

OK...I have to admit that I don't know anything about Nascar. All I know is Dale Earnhardt. When I think of Nascar, his name just pops up into my head. I'm open to learning about all things so I won't form any opinions about car racing, or whatever. I just don't understand it now. I mean, what's the big deal about people wrecklessly driving around a track? That ish is dangerous! When I haul ass in my car, I get a ticket BUT these people do it and get paid. AND not only that, they get the title of 'athlete.' I just get the title of 'speed demon' and my broke ass is left with a ticket to pay. Either way, that's the beauty of America. We will call ANYTHING a sport, and ANYBODY an athlete. If I happen I get pulled over for speeding again, I'll just tell Officer Pig that I'm training for the Daytona 500.

J.J. Redick Receives "Punishment" for Drunken Driving...

J.J. Redick pleaded guilty Monday to drunken driving charges and received a one-year sentence of unsupervised probation. The former Duke basketball star also received a 60-day suspended license in North Carolina (ooooh, I'm sure he gives a damn about that), $410 in fees and court costs (now how in the hell is a 1st round draft pick gonna afford $410?!) and must perform 24 hours of community service (..and I'm sure those will get done), according to Candy Clark, administrative assistant to District Attorney Mike Nifong.

Redick was arrested after 1 a.m. on June 13 when he made an illegal U-turn after approaching a license check point near the Duke campus, police said. He pulled into a parking lot of an apartment complex after police pursued him.... Redick had "very glassy eyes, strong odor of alcohol coming from breath." He had a blood-alcohol level of 0.11 percent. The legal limit for drivers in North Carolina is 0.08. He has 90 days to complete his community service. (INFO)

All I have to say is...this happened right before the draft. Couldn't he have waited until after he was drafted to start having his brushes with the law?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9/11

Wow! It's so hard to believe that it's already been 5 years! I remember Septemeber 11, 2001 so clearly. I remember being shocked out of my mind at what was going on because it was all so confusing. At the time, I was a sophomore in college and I was getting ready for a class that I had at 10:00. I had a morning routine of getting up, taking a shower, and going into my room and listening to the radio while getting dressed. I just remember sitting down in front of my mirror (with the radio on), and doing my hair when an announcement came on the radio right in the middle of a song. I just recall listening to the morning personalities saying that a commercial plane hit one of the Twin Towers. I was thinking, "Damn, pilots are getting stupid if they can't avoid hitting buildings." At the time, terrorism was not on the minds of us common people like it is today. I was completely ignorant to the fact that this could have been an act of terrorism. The people on the radio were like, "Turn on you television immediately!." So I tuned in to CNN and unfortunately got a view of the second plane hitting. Still confused, and still dumbfounded, I didn't know what to think. However, I knew something wasn't right. The events following directly affected everything. There was no travel for a while. People were terrified of flying. Many sports events were canceled due to precautionary measures. I remember that our football team had a game the following weekend and it was re-scheduled. I eventually went on to class, and while we were there, the morning's events were all we discussed the entire time. While in class, we got word that another plane crashed into the Pentagon, and we were dismissed shortly after. Where where you on September 11 (or 9/11)? What did you think? This day is a day that has changed the thinking of Americans forever.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

2006 USA Women's World Championship Team Roster Finalized...

The 2006 USA Women's World Championship Team has named its final roster and has concluded the final leg of preparation for the FIBA World Championships. Shock forward Cheryl Ford, Comets center Michelle Snow and University of Tennessee forward Candace Parker will fill out the remaining available roster spots. The U.S. concluded its training with a 56-49 win against Australia in an exhibition match. (INFO)
HOPEFULLY the ladies will represent well for the U.S. I'm definitely hoping they can manage to "go gold." I have confidence that they will. I WILL be watching as much as I can because one of my favorite college players, Candace Parker, is on the team. She happens to be the only non-WNBA on the roster. That's really huge for her. In case you don't know who she is (shame on you if you don't), she's the truth. Enough said.

Deanna Nolan Named Finals MVP After Detroit SHOCKed Sacramento...

When the WNBA Finals tipped off last week, Katie Smith was the only player on the court who had not won a championship. That is no longer the case. Smith scored 17 points, including two clutch jumpers in the final two minutes, as the Detroit Shock claimed their second title with a stirring 80-75 victory over the Sacramento Monarchs. The Shock, who also won the title in 2003, won the last two games of the best-of-five series and dethroned the Monarchs, who were trying to become the league's third repeat champion. Instead, Detroit joined Houston (1997-2000) and Los Angeles (2001-02) as multiple championship winners. Deanna Nolan scored 24 points and was named Finals MVP. Nolan scored 10 points in the pivotal third quarter, when the Shock held the Monarchs to nine points and took the lead for good. (Continue)
I must admit that I was reallllllly pulling for Sacramento on this one BUT congratulations to Detroit anyway. And congrats to Deanna Nolan for being named Finals MVP!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Barkley, Dumars, and Wilkins Inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame!

Charles Barkley played the comedian Friday during his induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. But, behind the scenes, he also sounded a lot like a role model.
He drew laughs by thanking his financial adviser for protecting his money, but threw in a little advise for today's players. "I tell all these young kids, the money you make, save it, put it in the bank. That money has to last you the rest of your lifetime, don't waste it...."
"I always tried as hard as I possibly could," Barkley said. "I like seeing that on tape. Today, they want to be stars. They don't want to be great players. We wanted to be great players."(Continue)

"I wasn't concerned about the marquee board," said Dumars, who played his entire 14-year career in Detroit. "That's never mattered to me and I gladly let others step forward and do that. If there was a championship that year, then my whole focus was just that."

"Dunking was just a small part of my game," he said. "Dunking was just an intimidating tool I used. I had a much more rounded game than just dunking. To get 26,000 points, you don't get them all on dunks."
Current players should take heed to Charles Barkley's advice. Hopefully a lot of them are saving money and not just blowing it all. Well, congrats to all three of these guys. I'm sure this means a lot to them.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Glove Needs More Heat!

One of my favorite all-time NBA players has decided to extend his basketball career just a little longer.
The Miami HEAT announced today that they have re-signed guard Gary Payton. Per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed. Payton appeared in 81 games (25 starts) for the HEAT during the 2005-06 season, averaging 7.7 points, 3.2 assists and 2.9 rebounds in 28.5 minutes per game. He ranked second on the team in steals (71), third in assists (257) and fourth in three-point field goals made (66) and attempted (230). He scored in double-figures 28 times and his 79.4 percent free throw percentage was his highest since the 2001-02 season. Payton originally signed with the HEAT on September 22, 2005. (INFO)________________________________________________________________________________

Good for him. He knows he's not ready to let the game go...or should I say he's not ready to let the possibility of getting another ring go? He got drafted in '90 and in '06 he won his ONLY championship. I'd ride it on out with Shaq and 'nem too. A repeat is highly likely for Miami. Either way, you gotta love Gary Payton and he can remain on a roster until he's 60 if he wants my opinion.

Steelers Beach the Dolphins!

Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Heath Miller chugged his way down the sideline on an 87-yard touchdown pass play midway through the fourth quarter, fill-in QB Charlie Batch's third scoring pass of the game, and the Super Bowl champions beat the Dolphins 28-17 Thursday night in the NFL's first game of the season. (Continue)
OK...I don't plan to post every time a team wins, loses, or whatever this season. I figured I'd post because this was the first game of the season, etc. I'm no fan of any NFL team so this post definitely has no bias. At this point in the season, does it matter who wins or loses anyway? I mean, yeah the Steelers won last night but that doesn't mean they're going back to the Super Bowl. Who do I want to win the Super Bowl??? The Auburn Tigers, LOL!

What in the Hell Happened to Maurice Clarett??

Former Ohio State tailback Maurice Clarett was indicted Thursday on new charges related to a highway chase and violent struggle with police. Clarett, found with three semiautomatic handguns and an automatic rifle -- all loaded -- in his SUV, was indicted on five charges that include carrying a concealed weapon and two counts of failure to comply with an order from a police officer. The 22-year-old was arrested Aug. 9 after authorities say he tried to flee a police officer. Police noticed a vehicle driving erratically, beginning a highway chase that ended when police spiked the tires of Clarett's SUV. Officers said their stun guns did not work on Clarett because he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Instead, police used pepper spray to gain control of and handcuff Clarett. (INFO)
Maurice Clarett has found himself in the news for all the wrong reasons. He's been talked about more for all his "problems", than he has for his supposed athletic abilities. I can't remember the last time I actually heard a football story about this jackass. He needs some help because he just seems like an out of control kid that doesn't learn lessons too well. Maybe some jail time will slow his role and help him think about all the great opportunities that he's f%*!ed up. BUT with all the chances that busted athletes get, some coach will probably get him out of his legal troubles and put him on his team, only to have this idiot go out and do some more crazy shit.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sacramento's Yolanda Griffith Shares Her Greatest Moment..

Yolanda Griffith of the Sacramento Monarachs recently shared one of her greatest professional moments with WNBA.COM.
"Kind of so much has happened; you can't point one specific thing. But I think my first year in '99, the way the team was and the way the league was, winning all the awards, I think also last year, from '99 to 2005 winning the championship, winning it and it took so long to win it, and we had so many great teams, and we had to bring in so many different players to get the right team, the team that I had last year was the best team overall in Sacramento, we had a bunch of young kids who were humble and just wanted to play hard, I don't even remember if I got a chance to hold the trophy up, I just remember all the confetti falling down, and my sister and my daughter embracing each other and telling me it's finally happened, just that moment and winning a championship."

"Why post randomly about Yolanda Griffith?" One may ask. WELL actually this post isn't random. Yolando and her girls are fighting to win the WNBA Championship and I'm pulling for them. The series is tied and they have a chance to beat the Detroit Shock on Saturday ( 9/9, 3:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2 ) to be this year's women's basketball champs. So GO, FIGHT, WIN to Yolanda and her teammates as they go out and try to dominate on Saturday.

*Read more WNBA players' greatest moments here. *

Message to Mike Tyson: Keep Ya Head Up!

Some crowded around the ring with cell-phone cameras in hand. Others sat at a bar not 20 feet away drinking beer. Still others ignored it all and smoked cigarettes and played slot machines. Mike Tyson used to put on displays. On this day, he was just on display. Down the street, tourists watched lions and dolphins between breaks at the slot machines. In the Aladdin hotel, they didn't need to move from their seats at the bar to see another curiosity in a makeshift ring. The former baddest man on the planet has been reduced to this -- just another freak show on the Las Vegas Strip......Tyson once made $35 million for one fight and more than $300 million in his career before blowing it all. Now he's a casino sideshow, trying to make a few bucks the only way he knows how in a sport he no longer can stand.
"I truly hate fighting," Tyson said. "I've got a bad taste in my mouth." (Continue)

Damn Mike!! This is truly sad to me. Forget all of the outlandish behavior and embarrasment associated with him...this is sad to read. I can' t understand blowing millions of dollars. How do you go from being the hottest thing in boxing to being side show Mike? This is proof that there is no class for the wealthy. Meaning, everyday people are given money and expected to manage it well and do the right thing. No one gives a class to the average Joe who suddenly gets rich about how to make sure he's never broke again. I hope he has some kind of inner happiness because I'm sure that this situation can be very depressing.

Clear Piss for Marion Jones

Marion Jones' latest comeback came in a laboratory, where her backup sample turned up clean -- a stunning twist that clears her to compete and could validate a long list of triumphs sullied by years of doping allegations. The "B" sample taken from one of the world's best-known and most decorated sprinters did not detect the banned endurance enhancer EPO, her attorneys said Wednesday night. The finding means her initial positive result is thrown out, clearing her of the most recent -- and most damaging -- allegations against Jones and paving the way for her return to the track. (Continue)
I guess I don't understand the whole pee-pee policy. What the hell made her test positive the first time? Oh well, good for her I guess. Hopefully she'll return to track and compete outstandingly! **off the record: I think she bears a striking resemblance to Alicia Keys.**


In California, a coach is facing criminal charges for attacking a 13 - year old football player! I don't know what this kid did to piss him off, but it doesn't even matter. The following video shows the opposing team's assistant coach basically attack him on the field. If I was this kid's mom, I'd make it my number one priority to sue the sh*% out of him and make sure his ass never coach's again!

Coach Kobe, Shut the F%*& Up!

Apparently, Jelly Bean Jr. knows what it takes for the US to eventually win the gold. "The U.S. basketball team will have to work on its internal chemistry if it wants to perform well at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing" according to Coach Kobe Bryant. _________________________________________________________

Bryant, 27, told a news conference in Taipei that a newly assembled team always needed some time together before starting to play with consistency."Years playing together will jell us as a unit, [but] if there is no chemistry,it's going to be tough to beat all those talented teams," he said. Bryant said he was confident the two years up to the Beijing Olympics would be enough to find that chemistry. (INFO)


I guess he has all the damn answers. Maybe they should have let him coach this year's squad and let Coach "K" (the REAL coach "K") chill this summer. I don't think the team will have any better chemistry with him in '08.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bring Home the Bronze

All I have to say is that the US won the bronze....not the gold...the bronze. Congratulations-I guess!

( If you want to actually read about it: INFO )

Lisa Leslie wins MVP!

Lisa Leslie adds a third MVP title to her collection. "I think it's more special because it's now -- just to be in (the WNBA's) 10th year and to win with so much young talent and competition," Leslie said. She and Sheryl Swoopes are the league's only three time winners.
Leslie was the easy choice after a remarkable resurgence in her 10-year career, receiving 508 points in voting from a national panel of journalists. The 34-year-old easily beat out Phoenix's Diana Taurasi, who got 211 points, and Connecticut's Katie Douglas, who had 208. (Continue)
Kudos to Lisa...Kudos to the WNBA as a whole. Being a female, and no fan of the NBA, I really like to see the women of the WNBA celebrate their accomplishments. Of course no big deal was made out of her winning MVP like it was when Steve Nash did it, but oh well...ladies never seem to get full credit for much of anything.

San Diego Charger, Steve Foley, SHOT!

The San Diego Chargers' Steve Foley was shot Sunday by an off-duty policeman who had followed him to his home after noticing Foley's car driving erratically, a sheriff's investigator in San Diego, California, said. The 30-year-old, nine-year NFL veteran was shot twice; his wounds are not believed to be life-threatening.The shooting came less than a week after the 6-foot, 4-inch, 265-pound linebacker was cleared on charges stemming from a scuffle with police in April.
The Coronado police officer, who was driving an unmarked car and was about 20 miles outside his jurisdiction, told investigators he started following Foley's car after he saw it about 10 miles north of San Diego on Interstate 15 northbound "weaving in lanes, traveling at speeds of between 30 and 90 mph and nearly colliding with several other vehicles on the highway."
After Foley left the expressway, the officer pulled next to the ballplayer at a red light and identified himself as a police officer, Brugos said. When the officer ordered Foley to pull his car over, the linebacker initially drove off before stopping "after a short distance," getting out of his car and walking toward the officer, Brugos said. At that, the police officer pulled out his handgun and verbally identified himself, warning Foley to stop walking toward him, the investigator said.
"That's a BB gun," Brugos said Foley told him.Foley then stopped his advance, returned to his car and pulled away, driving at least two more miles before stopping on Travertine Court, the upper-class street where he lives, Brugos said. The officer said Foley again got out of his car and walked toward him, while his passenger -- Lisa Maree Gaut -- drove alongside him in the car.
"As the suspect approached, the officer again identified himself as a police officer and that his gun was real," the police statement said. To prove it, the officer said he fired one warning shot into bushes and two shots toward the sky. "The male suspect reached into his pants with his right hand as he approached the officer," the police statement said. "The officer then fired at the suspect. The suspect acknowledged that he had been shot, but continued toward the officer, who then fired again at him. This time the suspect fell to the ground."Foley was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital, where his wounds were not considered life-threatening.
His companion was taken into custody for questioning, police said. "This investigation is continuing, and it is unknown at this time what charges may be filed in this matter," said Brugos.
In April, police accused Foley of being belligerent after he complained about his illegally parked car being towed in San Diego. Charges were dropped last month. (FROM CNN )
He needs to thank his lucky stars because everybody knows that police don't shoot to injure. They shoot to KILL!!!

Andre Agassi Ends 21-Year Tennis Career

Crouched alone in the silence of the locker room, a pro tennis player no more, a red-eyed Andre Agassi twisted his torso in an attempt to conquer the seemingly mundane task of pulling a white shirt over his head. Never more than at that moment did Agassi seem so vulnerable, looking far older than his 36 years, wrestling not simply with his bad back but also with two overwhelming and conflicting emotions. There was the concrete sense of departure, of knowing his career came to an end Sunday with a 7-5, 6-7 (4), 6-4, 7-5 loss to 112th-ranked Benjamin Becker in the third round at the U.S. Open. And there was the freeing sense of excitement, of knowing he has more time to devote to his wife, Steffi Graf, and their two children; of knowing there are no more flights to catch, no more practice sessions, no more injections to dull the searing pain of an irritated sciatic nerve. (Continue)

Congratulations 'Dre!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Awww Skeet Skeet....

Allegedly, Matt Leinart is a father to be!! I know I may be late on this but this is new to me. I'm trippin' though because I thought that he and Paris Hilton were an item. Sounds like some shady business is going on to me, LOL. Anyway, his "baby mama" (Brynn Cameron) and he dated in college and now..after he got drafted by the Arizona Cardinals..she stopped taking her birth control pills. Just kidding. Congrats to the both of them! (INFO)

Matt Leinart and Baby Mama to be.

Friday, September 01, 2006

No GOLD for the NBA Boys

Looks like the NBA boys won't be "bringing home the gold." The U.S (7-1), who returns to action on Saturday in hopes of winning a bronze medal, was defeated by Greece (8-0) 101-95. Greece gets the chance earn a world title in Sunday's gold medal game. Damn!!! They can't do better than a bronze! This really pisses me off. These are the same brats complaining about how their multi-million dollar contracts aren't enough, yet when it's time to show the world why they get paid so damn much..they don't show up at all! The leagues overseas don't get a fraction of what some of our highest paid basketball players get. Maybe if the materialistic collaboration of under-talented/over-paid showoffs were playing for platinum instead of a gold medal, they'd win it all. (INFO)