Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Barry Bonds Returning After This Season....Big Surprise!

Barry Bonds who is only 21 home runs behind Hank Aaron, will play in 2007, his agent told the "Barry's going to play in 2007," Jeff Borris of Beverly Hills Sports Council told the paper on Tuesday. "I've had many discussions with Barry and he's going to play. My intentions are to see to it he's in a big-league uniform next season. Those are my marching orders."
Contract talks with the Giants could begin next week. Bonds, who is finishing up a five-year, $90 million deal, plans to play sparingly in the season's final week now that the Giants have been eliminated from playoff contention. The slugger said he would likely take Wednesday's day game against Arizona off, then play Friday night in the series opener with the rival Dodgers -- and perhaps a few innings Saturday.
"I have every reason to believe the Giants will contact me as soon as the season ends," Borris told the Times. The 42-year-old Bonds has 734 home runs -- Aaron's career record is 755 -- and has played significantly better since the All-Star break. He is hitting .382 (34-for-89) with 10 home runs, 26 RBI and 18 walks in his last 28 games and has raised his batting average from .235 to .271 during that stretch.
Who really thought that he was going to walk away after this season? I've said this before....I hope he shatters Hank Aaron's record so that when he does walk away, it'll be that much harder for someone to surpass him.


Hot Rod said...

YES!!! I'm so happy BIG BAT BARRY is coming back. He should definitely break the homerun record now. In case you didn't know I'm far from being a hank aaron fan.Yes I didn't even capitalize his name on purpose.

SmilesD said...

I've always liked Barry and I don't mind him breaking these records, steroids or no steroids.

ADB251 said...

Barry has gone thru a lot of shit w/all of the steroid allegations, and etc. He needs to leave baseball with the title of Home Run King.

SmilesD said...

ADB, do you have an email address I can reach you at.

Loren said...

I can't wait to see him break the record. That way everyone can shut up about his so called steroid abuse.