Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dirk Nowitzki: Far From Being Broke!

OK...let's get something straight. I don't have a favorite pro team in any sport. I just have favorite players. My opinion is that some of the best players are on the wrong teams for themselves. For example, I think that Kevin Garnett (who's one of my fav players) is on the wrong team, as well as Allen Iverson, as well as Ray Allen (list goes on). Therefore, I'm no fan of the Timberwolves BUT I think that KG is the shit. NOW another one of my favorite players (who I feel IS on the right team for himself), is Dirk Nowitzki. The Mavs obviously think that he's right for the team as well because they have extended him to a 3-year $60 mill contract. Can you say 'Damn?!' I don't understand or agree with all of the money THROWN at professional athletes, but can't hate the player for it. I just hate when they bitch about it not being enough. I think all paid athletes are lucky in that many of them are rich for "playing." When I'm at work, I get in trouble for playing. But if you're gonna pay millions for talent, Dirk (I think) is one who deserves it. He's one of my favorite players b/c I like the fact that he's multi-dimensional. He's a big player who can post up, and shoot threes. I love big players that can actually shoot (i.e. the great Hakeem Olajuwon). Shaq seems like a great person and all, but I've never been able to be a fan of his game because he seems so one-dimensional to me. Yeah, he's a threat in the post BUT he's just that...a post player. If you're as big as he is, you're supposed to dominate down low. Get him out of his comfort zone (or on the free thrown line), and he's virtually useless.
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Hot Rod said...

Dirk has to be the best foreign big man I've seen. I think this is great for Dirk, the city of Dallas, and there organization. Besides all that it's about DAMN TIME he has been one of the best big men in the game for a while now. Give him his $$$$$$$$$$

Loren said...

I would let Dirk hit it.

ADB251 said...

^^^LMAO!!!! "Get um!!!"