Thursday, September 21, 2006

Grant Hill: "I Feel Better than a MuthaF****!!!!"

(Damn that's a nice suit!!!!)

OK...he didn't quite say that, but he's recently expressed that he feels 'great' and it doesn't look like he'll be walking away from the NBA just yet.
He could have been long gone by now, off collecting retirement checks and working on his second career as a real estate mogul or possibly even the owner of an NBA franchise.
But instead Grant Hill has spent yet another summer tucked away in a gymnasium, desperately clinging to the hope that for once during his time with the Orlando Magic, his body will not fail him. This summer hasn't been much different for the fallen superstar small forward -- again he's been forced to rehabilitate from injury and wonder if he'll ever be able to recapture the glory and brilliance that used to seemingly ooze from his every pore...For the first time in a long time, Hill isn't hobbled with pain or haunted with doubt. A season after he was frustratingly in and out of the lineup again for the Magic because of painful tears in his lower abdomen, Hill committed himself to working most of the summer with famed physiotherapist Alex McKechnie....I've fought through a lot just to get back to this point and I think that kind of shows how much I love to play the game," Hill said. "I feel great now, and I want to stay healthy for an entire season. I want to play as long as I can stay healthy. But if anything, I've learned that you take it one day at a time."
Good for him. I think that he's waiting to have a great season so that he can retire. I'm sure he doesn't want to end his career on a sad, broke down, 2 point averaging note. It's funny how one minute you're hot shit, and the next you' shit. Remember the Detroit Pistons, Sprite commercial Grant Hill? Now he's just...grant hill. Since he's still giving this thing a shot, I hope he works it out and has an outstanding year, and RETIRES!! We're tired of seeing these athletes "hold on to the dream." Sometimes you gotta let the game go. Especially if it has already let you go.


SmilesD said...

I hope this is his last try. He's been back and forth for so long now, it's just old. I wish he'd make it back, but if he can't, it's past time to give it up.

Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY! I remeber when he came to Orlando, he was supposed to be the man. However, Tracey McGrady ended up emerging as the star of the team. To see that he's still trying to stick with it after all this time is kinda sad.