Thursday, September 14, 2006

Come on Barry, You Can Do IT!!!

Barry Bond's is now only 24 home runs away from being the home run king.

Bonds hit his 732nd career home run and 24th this season leading off
the ninth, moving the slugger within 23 of tying home run king Hank Aaron's

The Giants ended up losing (to the Rockies 9-8), BUT who cares. One more homerun for Barry Bonds is a victory. I definitely hope that he breaks the home run record by a comfortable margin. I'm sure WHEN he does it, it won't be properly celebrated or recognized but hey....he'll be the "king" and until someone breaks his record, that's the way it'll remain. 'I'm pulling for ya Barry!'


Anonymous said...

Let's get it done Barry!Since I can't stand Hank Aaron i really want Barry to get this record.Barry is by far one of the best to play ever.Stay one more year Barry so you can become the all-time homerun hitter.

Loren said...

^^^Why can't you stand Hank Aaron?? I hope Barry does it. He can shut the haters up. I would love to see this be done in my lifetime.