Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sacramento's Yolanda Griffith Shares Her Greatest Moment..

Yolanda Griffith of the Sacramento Monarachs recently shared one of her greatest professional moments with WNBA.COM.
"Kind of so much has happened; you can't point one specific thing. But I think my first year in '99, the way the team was and the way the league was, winning all the awards, I think also last year, from '99 to 2005 winning the championship, winning it and it took so long to win it, and we had so many great teams, and we had to bring in so many different players to get the right team, the team that I had last year was the best team overall in Sacramento, we had a bunch of young kids who were humble and just wanted to play hard, I don't even remember if I got a chance to hold the trophy up, I just remember all the confetti falling down, and my sister and my daughter embracing each other and telling me it's finally happened, just that moment and winning a championship."

"Why post randomly about Yolanda Griffith?" One may ask. WELL actually this post isn't random. Yolando and her girls are fighting to win the WNBA Championship and I'm pulling for them. The series is tied and they have a chance to beat the Detroit Shock on Saturday ( 9/9, 3:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2 ) to be this year's women's basketball champs. So GO, FIGHT, WIN to Yolanda and her teammates as they go out and try to dominate on Saturday.

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