Friday, September 08, 2006

Steelers Beach the Dolphins!

Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Heath Miller chugged his way down the sideline on an 87-yard touchdown pass play midway through the fourth quarter, fill-in QB Charlie Batch's third scoring pass of the game, and the Super Bowl champions beat the Dolphins 28-17 Thursday night in the NFL's first game of the season. (Continue)
OK...I don't plan to post every time a team wins, loses, or whatever this season. I figured I'd post because this was the first game of the season, etc. I'm no fan of any NFL team so this post definitely has no bias. At this point in the season, does it matter who wins or loses anyway? I mean, yeah the Steelers won last night but that doesn't mean they're going back to the Super Bowl. Who do I want to win the Super Bowl??? The Auburn Tigers, LOL!