Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lisa Leslie wins MVP!

Lisa Leslie adds a third MVP title to her collection. "I think it's more special because it's now -- just to be in (the WNBA's) 10th year and to win with so much young talent and competition," Leslie said. She and Sheryl Swoopes are the league's only three time winners.
Leslie was the easy choice after a remarkable resurgence in her 10-year career, receiving 508 points in voting from a national panel of journalists. The 34-year-old easily beat out Phoenix's Diana Taurasi, who got 211 points, and Connecticut's Katie Douglas, who had 208. (Continue)
Kudos to Lisa...Kudos to the WNBA as a whole. Being a female, and no fan of the NBA, I really like to see the women of the WNBA celebrate their accomplishments. Of course no big deal was made out of her winning MVP like it was when Steve Nash did it, but oh well...ladies never seem to get full credit for much of anything.

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Hot Rod said...

Once again we see that this is not the MVP. This award goes to who ever is the best player on the team with one the best records.MVP(MOST VALUABLE PLAYER) not the team with the best record. Taurasi is clearly more valuable to her team than Leslie. Not to mention she had 2 40 point games this year.