Friday, September 28, 2007

If This I True Then I DEFINITELY Understand...

I wasn't mad at the idea of Shaunie stashing away a couple mill for a rainy day. Nothing about her doing that seemed shady. If anyone thought that she was on some triflin, gold digger type shit check this out...

According to a person close to Shaunie, once she found out that Shaq was planning on leave her for his pregnant girlfriend - she began stashing away the family money. "Shaunie [took] 9 million dollars from Shaq once she found out that he had indeed had an affair and gotten another woman pregnant."

And that's not the best part. Word is that Shaunie was entitled to substantially less than $9 million under the prenuptial agreement that she signed before the wedding. (MTO)
I'on know if that's true or not, but if it is who can blame her? If Shaq indeed has a chick pregnant, and Shaunie was not even entitled to $9 mil if they divorced, his ass needs to just be happy that she didn't take more than that! I would've been auctioning off his Championship rings, LSU jersey, and our 4 children!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Give Him a Break!!!

Talk about kicking a man when he's down. Michael Vick now faces two state charges that could get him more prison time if he's convicted....He faces state charges of beating or killing or causing dogs to fight other dogs and engaging in or promoting dogfighting. Each felony is punishable by up to five years in prison. Arraignments are set for Oct. 3. I know that this topic has been over discussed, but can Mike Vick please get a break?!! DAMN!!!

Barry's Ball Will Be Branded...

Marc Ecko (a fashion designer) bought Barry Bonds' record-breaking home run ball for $752,467 only to leave the decision of what should happen to the ball up to the public. He set up a Web site for fans to vote on the ball's fate which included: branding it with an asterick, sending it to the Hall of Fame museum unblemished, or launching it into space. The option to brand it received the most votes, and so that will be done. The asterisk suggests that Bonds' record is tainted by alleged steroid use.

And speaking of Barry Bonds...he WILL NOT be on the Giants' roster next season...I repeat, Barry Bonds WILL NOT be on the Giant's roster next season. That's dirty San Fran!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


When I see Serena looking like this, I have to give her props! Girl is lookin' mo and mo better (lol)! I posted a pic of her a while back and wondered if she'd gotten a new stylist or something and I'm convinced that she has! She looks really great and it's so good to see her wearing clothes that are flattering to her muscular body instead of clothes that just make her look manish!

In case you were wondering the occassion for her looking so fabu, she was at the premiere of the new Jamie Foxx movie (The Kingdom).

Not Them Too!!!....

Ya'll know I love D.Wade right :o) BUT this news does not make me happy at all and I really hope that it's a rumor! "Supposedly" he and his wife are separated! As beautiful as I think he is, and as much as I dream about him at night, and as much as I drool when I see pictures of him...I don't want him and his wife to get a divorce. What good does it do me if they split anyway?! It's not like I'm next in line or anything. That just means he's fair game to some other chick that I won't accept like I've come to accept his wife (lol). I wonder what's in the Miami water b/c it's breaking people up! First Shaq now D. Wade? I'm gonna cross my fingers for these two!

The Goldman's Need Jesus!!

Everybody knows what's going on with O.J. It's looking like he was set-up last week and now a mockery is once again being made out of him. Please don't get it twisted, I am in no way an O.J. supporter, fan, or whatever. I didn't give a damn about O.J. before his ex-wife and her boyfriend turned up dead and that feeling still remains today.

It seems like every since O.J. got off was acquitted, the Goldman family has been trying to take everything from him! I don't know how it feels to have a close loved one so brutally murdered, but I'm almost sure that I wouldn't invest all of my time and energy into making the acquitted person's life hell. Last week, the money hungry Goldman's released O.J.'s controversial book "If I Did It" and are racking up all of the profit. I understand getting the rights to the book and making sure that it is NEVER released, but they released it which makes absolutely no sense. This week, they've crawled their way back into O.J. World yet again by trying to receive the memorabilia that O.J. Simpson is accused of committing armed robbery to recover. Their plan is to make sure that "the stuff will never go back to Mr. Simpson. He's going to walk out of Clark County empty-handed."

All I can do is shake my head. It's been over 10 years since the death of their son. Why not just try to move on? It's a damn shame that they have so much hate in their heart's and can't find it within themselves to get past this and let God deal with whoever actually murdered their kid. I can't help but feel that they are missing so much out of life by trying to find ways to get at O.J. When will they realize that none of this will bring their son back?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I LOVE Floyd Mayweather!

...So I will be tuning into Dancing with the Stars every week! The first shows begins with the ladies on September 24. Floyd and the rest of the celebrity men will be on September 25.

Grandaddy Greg Will Miss the ENTIRE Season...

Greg Oden will miss the entire upcoming basketball season due to micro fracture knee surgery. Oden is expected to be on crutches for up to eight weeks. Recovery time from micro fracture surgery varies from person to person, but generally takes between six and 12 months for full recovery. I really, really like Greg Oden so I'm hoping that he fully recovers and has a great season whenever he does return!

I Told Ya'll that I Believed in Miracles...

I posted about the possible paralysis of Kevin Everett a few days ago. However, I was hoping that a miracle would occur and he'd someday walk again. He's been making tremendous improvements and though he'll never be able to play football again, he may be able to walk someday soon!

Kevin Everett has slightly moved three fingers on his right hand, potentially another positive sign in his recovery from a life-threatening spinal-cord injury. The Buffalo tight end voluntarily moved his fingers Thursday night "more than a little bit but not with great force." "There was slight movement." On Wednesday, doctors said Everett could wiggle his toes, bend his hip, move his ankles, elevate and kick his leg, as well as extend his elbows and slightly flex his biceps. But he had not been able to move his hands. (ESPN)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Jamarcus Russell is finally getting the money that held out over six months for. Today he'll sign a deal and should be practicing for the first time as a Raider on tomorrow. The deal has a maximum value of $68 million with $31-$32 mil in guarantees!!! Although his holdout has cost him the chance of winning the starting job in training camp, it was well worth it (financially that is). If I had over $30 mil in guaranteed money, I wouldn't even want to be the starter...hell I wouldn't even care if I was on the practice squad or not! *lol*

Kevin Everett SEVERLY Injured

It's been a long time since a football player has sustained an injury as severe as paralysis. On Sunday, Kevin Everett sustained a "catastrophic and life-threatening spinal-cord injury while trying to make a tackle during the Buffalo Bills' season opener and is unlikely to walk again." This is really sad. I believe in miracles so I hope that one day he's able to walk again.

"A best-case scenario is full recovery, but not likely," orthopedic surgeon Andrew Cappuccino said. "I believe there will be some permanent neurologic deficit." Everett was hurt Sunday after he ducked his head while tackling the Denver Broncos' Domenik Hixon during the second-half kickoff. Everett dropped face-first to the ground after his helmet hit Hixon high on the left shoulder and side of the helmet. Cappuccino noted the 25-year-old reserve tight end did have touch sensation throughout his body and also showed signs of movement. But he cautioned that Everett's injury was life-threatening because he was still susceptible to blood clots, infection and breathing failure."

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Shaq and Shaunie are getting a divorce after 5 years and 4 kids! What happened?! They seemed so perfect for each other. I thought they had at least a 10 year marriage in them. Shaq, who filed for divorce, wants Shaunie to "provide a correct accounting of all money, funds, stocks, bonds, and other securities" that she had access to or obtained during the marriage. Hmmm....sounds like Shaunie may have been a little funny with the money. If I was Shaunie I'd be trying my damnest to make it work, because I can only imagine how hard it'll be to raise five children (she had one before Shaq) alone.