Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just a Little Eye Candy!!!

Dwyane Wade and Reggie Bush at the BET Awards both looking mighty damn scrumptious!! Good Lawd...if D.Wade only knew.

Tiger Woods and the Fam...

I saw some pictures of Tiger Woods' baby and right now she can be anybody's daughter. When kids are that new, they don't look like anybody. So I guess we'll have to wait a few months to get an idea of how Sam Woods will look.

Marion Jones in Debt...

It looks like Marion Jones has ran into (no pun intended) some hard times!

Seven years after winning a women's record five Olympic track and field medals and snagging multimillion-dollar endorsement deals, Marion Jones is almost broke. The sprinter is heavily in debt, fighting off court judgments, and down to a bank balance of about $2,000, according to recent court records reviewed by the Los Angeles Times. Last year a bank foreclosed on her $2.5 million mansion in an area of Chapel Hill, N.C., where Michael Jordan was a neighbor. She was also forced to sell two other properties, including her mother's house, to raise money. Jones's financial woes were revealed in a 168-page deposition in a breach-of-contract suit she filed in Dallas against veteran track coach Dan Pfaff. Pfaff countersued and won a judgment against Jones for about $240,000 in unpaid training fees and legal expenses. Legal bills have plagued Jones since 2003, when suspicions of drug use emerged and she was linked to the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative after a federal raid. Last year, a Jones urine sample tested positive for the performance-enhancing drug EPO. Although she was cleared when a backup sample tested negative, she missed at least five major international meets, forfeiting an estimated $300,000 in appearance and performance fees. (Boston Globe)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Chamique Holdsclaw:"It's About Moving Forward..."

I respect Chamique Holdsclaw's decision to retire from basketball. Everybody seemed shocked when she announced her decision to leave the L.A. Sparks on June 11. I guess people were more shocked at her reason for leaving. She basically said that she lost love for the game and wants to do other things. I understand her decision. Playing in the WNBA is not motivational. I think that you must really love basketball to play in the WNBA until you break down and can't physically perform anymore. Those ladies play their asses off (harder than the men of the NBA in a lot of cases), and they don't get much attention, they don't get financially compensated for grinding as hard as they do, AND a majority of them play overseas in the offseason for extra money! What kinda shit is that?! I wish Chamique luck in whatever she chooses to do.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tiger's A Daddy!!!

Tiger Woods' became a daddy for the first time ever on yesterday!

Less than 24 hours after Tiger Woods finished second at the U.S. Open on Father's Day, his wife gave birth to their first child, a daughter. He announced Monday night on his Web site that Sam Alexis Woods was born early Monday morning. (ESPN)
Good for them! Everytime I think about Tiger Woods, I think about his house! His house makes me want to learn how to play golf! It's crazy!


Lisa Leslie gave birth to an 8lbs. 11oz baby girl on Friday. I swear it seems like she was pregnant forever!!! She had an elephant pregnancy.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dammit Adam!!!!

PacMan Jones needs to stay home ALONE in his off time. If he's not getting himself into trouble, it's his dumb ass friends who are...

Suspended NFL player Adam "Pacman" Jones was being sought by police for questioning about a shooting early Monday involving members of his entourage after a fight at an Atlanta strip club. After everyone involved left the strip club -- the three people in one car, and Jones and his entourage in three other cars -- someone in Jones' group shot at the car, and the others returned fire. One person who was outside the vehicles and not involved in the dispute was injured by debris in the
shooting and was treated by emergency medical technicians.

Supposedly he wasn't involved, but this is not a good look for him.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Trust No ONE...Not Even Your Bodyguard!!!

That should be Kobe Bryant's advice to all of the up and coming athletes. Maybe he'd be better off if someone had told him that. His ex-bodyguard is releasing a tell all book exposing Kobe for the whoremonger that he really is and putting him on blast about his request to have the Colorado rape chick "eliminated." The book, "Dead Women Tell No Tales", sounds like a must read for me.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The NBA Finals Are Just Not What They Used to Be...

The NBA Finals continue to draw far fewer viewers than last year. The San Antonio Spurs' 75-72 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday night received a 6.4 national rating and an 11 share on ABC, down 20 percent from the 8.0/14 for last year's Game 3 between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat. The Game 3 drop follows a 30 percent plunge for Game 2 and a 19 percent decline for Game 1. (ESPN)

Every since ABC picked up NBA games, things just haven't been right. "NBA on NBC" just sounded better. Back in the day, the playoffs/Finals used to be the shit!! Even watching regular season games on Sundays were better than they are now. It used to be a lot more exciting watching the playoffs back in the best 3-out-of-5 days. Now, I forget who's playing, when they're playing, and who's leading the series. It just ain't what it used to be.

LeBron James Welcomes Baby #2!!

As he prepared for Game 4 of the NBA finals, LeBron James became a father for the second time. His girlfriend, Savannah Brinson, gave birth early Thursday to the couple's second son, Bryce Maximus James. James was at the hospital for the delivery and appeared a little sleepy following the Cavaliers' morning shootaround at Quicken Loans Arena...The 22-year-old James said he would comment on his son's birth during his media availability before Game 4. Maximus is the name of the lead character in "Gladiator," a movie about a powerful Roman general, who is betrayed and seeks revenge for his family's murder as a gladiator. The film is James' favorite. Bryce, who weighed 8 pounds, 6 ounces and was 21 inches long, was born at 12:51 a.m. at Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital, near his father's hometown of Akron.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm No Psychic But...

If the Cavaliers don't win tonight, I see a broom in their future!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Muhammad Ali is a Doctor!!!!!! do you get an honorary degree? I need to find out so I can do what it takes to get one. That's a whole lot better than spending time in class dealing with exams and all of that other nonsense. Maybe I'll just call Muhammad Ali (since we're so cool) and ask him. He's the recent recipient of a Honorary Doctorate of Humanities degree from Princeton! I don't know exactly what he needs that for, but I guess that now we can call him Dr. Muhammad Ali OR Dr. Greatest of All Times.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Uh Oh!!

Odell Thurman better hold his breath. Over the weekend he was accused of kicking and hitting two men in his Georgia hometown during the weekend. The NFL suspended Thurman for the first four games of 2006 after he skipped a drug test. The suspension was extended to a full season following his arrest on a drunken driving charge in September. Thurman is one of nine Cincinnati players to be arrested in the past year. Roger Rog ain't bout to let this one go unpunished. I think the Commish is about to kick Odell Thurman outta the league all together. That's just my prediction.

I Wonder if this is True...

I was reading MediaTakeOut and got ahold of an "account" of Pac Man Jones' behavior at an R. Kelly album release party last night. If it's accurate, all I can do is shake my head at Adam. How in the hell is he gonna make it through his entire suspension without getting into trouble??

Pac Man Jones, the NFL so called star was crazy at this party!!! He threw bottles into the crowd for no reason at all and hit random people while R Kelly is performing! [He also] got in this guys face to start a fight. [His antics] almost ruined R Kelly's performance.....He was throwing up Gang signs galore. (gang signs?...he ain't from L.A.)

More Michael Vick Sh*t!!

Between May 7-18 Michael Vick's Virginia home was broken into (the dog fight house). I know that people's houses get broken into everyday but look at what "they" took:

  • Three plasma TV's (62", 42" and 31")
  • Two floor buffers
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Leather sofa....for a combined theft total of $17,550
Of course Micheal Vick was never worried about a measley $17, 550 worth of items taken from his home, but I would've been sick about those plasma TV's. Too bad I couldn't have crossed paths with the theif because I'm sure that the 62" went for about $300.

This is what Michael Vick does to the poor little innocent doggies. Dayum, he looks like he was in a car wreck!!!!!

Please Don't Play with O.G. Roger Goodell...

Roger Goodell is really not playing wit ya'll fools! Since being the NFL's commissioner, he's sent a clear message to everybody in the league, "F*ck up and I'll sideline ya ass!" He's suspending players for everything from getting arrested to missing child support payments. I think it's funny that grown men can't stay outta trouble. That goes for ALL men...the rich and the poor, but ESPECIALLY the rich.

Tank Johnson finished his two month jail sentence and found out yesterday that he'll have to miss the first eight games of the season. BUT since the commish is such a man of reason, he said that if big Tank can stay clear of the troubles that got him called into the principal's commissioners office in the first place, he'll only have to miss six games! Tank took it like a man and agreed to do better.

NBA Banning Billy Donovan??

Billy Donovan signed with the Orlando Magic on Friday, by Saturday morning he had chills, and was dry heaving over his decision. It looks like the Magic are going to release him out of his contract to return to coach the Florida Gators. However, the NBA could ban his indecisive ass from coaching in the NBA for five year as terms of his release from the Orlando contract. I'm sure that won't matter to him since he obviously didn't wanna coach in the NBA in the first place. I know there're some happy people in Gainesville!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Chad Johnson is Racing a Horse...

As part of a charity promotion, Chad Johnson has agreed to race a horse at a track next weekend. The money will go to coach Marvin Lewis' foundation and Feed The Children, which helps the needy in Africa. 'I'm looking forward to it,' Johnson said Friday. 'It's going to be fun. Some of the things I'm going to be doing this year are crazy, and racing a horse is one of them.'

Friday, June 01, 2007

No Mo' Braids...

I haven't been blogging about Mike Vick and his recent "troubles" because when it all started, I didn't think it was interesting or a big deal. However, the media (and whoever else) is making it out to be a very big deal. I know that dog fighting is unethical and inhumane but it seems like Michael Vick has killed somebody! I know many people who breed pits strictly for fighting, and I guess that now I should alert the authorities. Anyway, all of this negative attention must be getting to him because he showed up to offseason workouts minus the dark and lovely cornrows in an effort to "change his image." I assume that it was his braids which caused him to fight dogs so now that he cut them I guess that the urge is now gone.

No Drinky, Drinky!!!

I bet everybody in the NFL hates the new commissioner. He's been doing his best to "clean up" the image of the league and I'm sure he's pissed off a lot of people in the process. His newest attempt at NFL purity is banning alcohol at team functions, on buses, and flights. The rule isn't strictly for players, but for owners, coaches and guests. They can't be happy with that. I know I'd be pissed if I was an owner or coach and unable to throw back a few cups of Henn.


The Orlando Magic must've been talkin some good shit because Billy Donovan did what no one was expecting him to do...leave the University of Florida. He announced yesterday that he's gonna try to get Dwight Howard and nem to the playoffs and hopefully he can convince Grant Hill to retire in the process. It's obvious that he's a great college coach, so I hope that it can carry over to the NBA.