Friday, June 22, 2007

Chamique Holdsclaw:"It's About Moving Forward..."

I respect Chamique Holdsclaw's decision to retire from basketball. Everybody seemed shocked when she announced her decision to leave the L.A. Sparks on June 11. I guess people were more shocked at her reason for leaving. She basically said that she lost love for the game and wants to do other things. I understand her decision. Playing in the WNBA is not motivational. I think that you must really love basketball to play in the WNBA until you break down and can't physically perform anymore. Those ladies play their asses off (harder than the men of the NBA in a lot of cases), and they don't get much attention, they don't get financially compensated for grinding as hard as they do, AND a majority of them play overseas in the offseason for extra money! What kinda shit is that?! I wish Chamique luck in whatever she chooses to do.


Anonymous said...

I've been a fan of Mique since Tennessee. She is cold! I hope she comes back :(

Arron said...

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