Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Please Don't Play with O.G. Roger Goodell...

Roger Goodell is really not playing wit ya'll fools! Since being the NFL's commissioner, he's sent a clear message to everybody in the league, "F*ck up and I'll sideline ya ass!" He's suspending players for everything from getting arrested to missing child support payments. I think it's funny that grown men can't stay outta trouble. That goes for ALL men...the rich and the poor, but ESPECIALLY the rich.

Tank Johnson finished his two month jail sentence and found out yesterday that he'll have to miss the first eight games of the season. BUT since the commish is such a man of reason, he said that if big Tank can stay clear of the troubles that got him called into the principal's commissioners office in the first place, he'll only have to miss six games! Tank took it like a man and agreed to do better.

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