Friday, September 28, 2007

If This I True Then I DEFINITELY Understand...

I wasn't mad at the idea of Shaunie stashing away a couple mill for a rainy day. Nothing about her doing that seemed shady. If anyone thought that she was on some triflin, gold digger type shit check this out...

According to a person close to Shaunie, once she found out that Shaq was planning on leave her for his pregnant girlfriend - she began stashing away the family money. "Shaunie [took] 9 million dollars from Shaq once she found out that he had indeed had an affair and gotten another woman pregnant."

And that's not the best part. Word is that Shaunie was entitled to substantially less than $9 million under the prenuptial agreement that she signed before the wedding. (MTO)
I'on know if that's true or not, but if it is who can blame her? If Shaq indeed has a chick pregnant, and Shaunie was not even entitled to $9 mil if they divorced, his ass needs to just be happy that she didn't take more than that! I would've been auctioning off his Championship rings, LSU jersey, and our 4 children!


Loren said...

LOL @ auctioning off the kids.

that's sad that he was gonna leave her for a jumpoff. i dont blame her for stashing money. i would have tried to take 20 mill!

aa said...