Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What A Comeup!!!

I hadn't really been keeping up with the California Raisin Isiah Thomas sexual harassment trial. I do know that it's over now, and the jury ordered $11.6 million be paid to the former team executive who "endured crude insults and unwanted advances" from Isiah!! Before being fired, she made $260,000/year (so I'm sure she was never broke), but now she really doesn't need to ever work again so I consider this a major comeup!! Don't spend it all in once place chica!! And Isiah should know can't just go around sexually harrassing women all willy nilly!!


Loren said...

I saw this and my mouth fell open! Good for her! I would drop outta school if they gave me that much money.

Hell Naw said...

Damn Isiah u sexually harased that! LOL!

SJH said...

This some BULLSHIT! That jury was a bunch of bitches and cocksuckers, and assholes who just hate the Knicks and wanted to fuck them over.

(1) I do worse to women every day! Maaaan, if there's something wrong with what Isiah did, then I'm a hardened criminal. Emphasis on hardened. (2) Isiah didn't mess with that bitch. I mean, look at her. Zeke probably gets good road pussy, or at least Marbury's leftover interns. Why would he want to even say hello to that bitch? Looks like she should be playing middle linebacker for the Bengals. I'd bet $10 that's not even a woman. C'mon, let's keep it real. That's Tyler Perry. He pulled that Madea shit off and got money outta MSG. Sneaky-ass nigga, I see you!

And now all the women come out and rally behind her: "Oh, I'm so happy for her. This sends a message to men that sexual harrassment will not be tolerated." No, this sends a message that EVERYTHING can be construed as illegal. Time was when the only thing that constituted sexual harrassment was a boss pinching his secretary's ass and saying, "Debbie, let me suck your titties or you're fired." OK, that's harrassment. But reaching in for a hug & kiss is NOT. Calling a woman a bitch (if he even did it) is NOT. Dry-humping girls after sociology class is NOT. This case sets a bad precedence. Now, even an innocent pervert like me has to think twice about making dirty jokes to women. That's fucked up.

Except you, Loren. You ain't gonna sue me. I know I can trust you, but I don't know about Spicy, though.

Spicy Salsa said...

^^^LMAO!!! Your ass is crazy for real! ROFL @ her linebacking for the Bengals and being Tyler Perry!

I agree with you though, but in this situation it pays to be a female. We have the upperhand with that sexual harassment shit, and she got paid big time. That's how twisted the law is. If I was a millionaire (and a man) I wouldn't tell a bitch her hair was pretty b/c there's always some chick tryna steal ya riches!

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