Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh HELL Naw!!!!!!!!!!!

Will you just look at Shawn Merriman pouring champagne on some random chick at the club! Ol' girl seems to be enjoying herself. WTF ever! I'm a black girl and the myth about us going from lamb to lion about our hair is true!!! I swear I would've lost my mind if that negro decided to overturn a bottle on my head!! This would be big news if I had been involved b/c I would've acted a damn fool on Shawn Merriman!!


yummy411 said...

holla! i wish he would.... he would've gotten smacked and a beat down by me and my girls.. and you know we are too grown and cute for that LOL

Ebonne said...

me too... hair cost too much to be spilling some champagne on it