Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ya'll Vote for Floyd!!!

I don't know if ya'll have been watching Dancing With the Stars, but last night Floyd was in the bottom two and you can tell that he was NOT happy!! The look on his face during last night's results show was (to me) a look of disappointment or perhaps frustration, even though a lot of people viewed it as him being cocky, arrogant, and having a bad attitude. Read some of the comments from the DWTS message board:

...your attitude stinks you should not act that way in front of fans you are there to have fun and everyone is there to learn and take what the judges say so you need to watch your face expersion

... Floyd have lost my votes for the rest of the season. I will not vote for him again no matter how well he dance in the following weeks. He have a serious attitude problem.

...Just poor sportsmanship.

...hope everyone noticed (how could you NOT) and no one vote for him. This show is as much about charisma and personality as it is about dancing. He is a medicre dancer at best and scores zero in the others. He needs to go. I hope he doesn't get one single vote.

They were clowin' Floyd!! I felt bad b/c I've voted for him every week and this week I didn't vote :( If you haven't been watching you wouldn't know that Floyd is extremely entertaining and dances his ass off every week. However he's failed to score higher than a 21!! I think he's had a great attitude despite the judge's scores and last night I viewed his demeanor as disappointment. He's been a great sport every week by complimenting the other contestants and etc. so for people to try to make him out to be an asshole just b/c he showed human emotion last night is contradictory to the way he's been on the show so far! Make sure to vote for him (!! You get like 11 votes online...give him all 11!!!!

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Anonymous said...

i haven't been watching but i will i'll vote 4 him. I like mayweather.