Monday, September 18, 2006

I Thought College Was Supposed to be Safe!

OK...Five players at Duquesne University were shot on Sunday after coming from a dance. This is scary to me because the perception of college/universities is always safe and welcoming. A lot of students feel much safer at their university than they do or did at home. I know that when I was a college student, my guard definitley took a small vacation. You just don't think about getting shot, robbed, carjacked, etc. while you're in school. However, now that I'm no longer a college student, my guard is to the roof.
Armed police officers stood guard outside dormitories at Duquesne University while other officers roamed the downtown campus in their cruisers...Two players had been walking near a dormitory when they encountered a man who apparently had been disruptive at a student union dance, authorities said. The players attempted to pacify him and walked away but were shot. Players who rushed to their aid were also shot....In critical condition at Mercy Hospital was forward Sam Ashaolu of Toronto, a transfer from Lake Region State College...In serious condition was Stuard Baldonado of Colombia, a transfer from Miami Dade College...Taken to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian hospital was Kojo Mensah, a guard from New York City. His condition was not released. Treated and released were Shawn James of New York City, and Aaron Jackson of Hartford, Conn., a guard who is one of only two returning players...
James was shot in the foot but no bones were broken. Mensah was believed shot in the shoulder. Jackson was shot in the hand. (Continue)

One of the players still remains in critical condition after being shot in the head. I really hope that he, and everyone else, pulls through this and bouces back stronger than before.

**For some damn reason, I can't upload pictures. I've been trying forever. Pictures of the players can be found here. **

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