Friday, September 01, 2006

No GOLD for the NBA Boys

Looks like the NBA boys won't be "bringing home the gold." The U.S (7-1), who returns to action on Saturday in hopes of winning a bronze medal, was defeated by Greece (8-0) 101-95. Greece gets the chance earn a world title in Sunday's gold medal game. Damn!!! They can't do better than a bronze! This really pisses me off. These are the same brats complaining about how their multi-million dollar contracts aren't enough, yet when it's time to show the world why they get paid so damn much..they don't show up at all! The leagues overseas don't get a fraction of what some of our highest paid basketball players get. Maybe if the materialistic collaboration of under-talented/over-paid showoffs were playing for platinum instead of a gold medal, they'd win it all. (INFO)

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Anonymous said...

This is a shame and shocking. I can't believe the U.S. couldn't get it done again.That goes to show you that no matter what coach you get you can't coach shooting.O well guess we have to wait til 2008 for Kobe.Because he definitely won't them lose.But we need other shoots like Ray Allen, Michael Reed,and Kyle Korver would help if he can play. GET SUM SHOOTERS!!!!!!