Thursday, August 31, 2006

Latrell Sprewell: Strokin' and Chokin'

Looks like Latrell Sprewell's hands have once again found themselves around someone's neck.

Milwaukee police interviewed former NBA and Alabama star Latrell Sprewell on Wednesday after a woman accused him of choking her while they were having sex....The woman told police that she and Sprewell were on his yacht having consensual sex when he began to choke her, police said. The woman fought him off and, after returning to shore, Sprewell drove her back to her home. The woman then admitted herself to the sexual assault treatment center at Aurora Sinai Medical Center. (INFO)

For those who don't remember, Latrell has a 1997 chocking incident on his resumé, which involved his hands and his former coach's (P.J. Carlesimo) neck. An identified woman has accused Latrell Sprewell of chocking her while they were having sex, lol. Damn! She must have accidently called him Kobe. That's hilarious to me. Can you imagine having consenual sex with someone and all of a sudden you end up in a choke hold??? Wow. Well I guess she'll be getting a couple of millions pretty soon. Don't spend it all in one place girl.

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