Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Terrell Owens Finally Brings His Ass to Practice

Terrell Owens, who hasn't played an NFL game since October 30, is back on the practice field. Owens, now with the Dallas Cowboys, practiced for the first time in 10 days since missing practice due to a hamstring injury. T.O, who blames the aggravation of his hamstring injury on the team's decision to use him too much in practice, says he doesn't care about starting the opener, "I don't get any bonuses or extra pats on the back for starting," he said. "My value is when I'm on the field and I can make plays." We'll see. Hopefully he'll act a little better as a Cowboy than he did as an Eagle. He definitely showed his ass in Phili. I'm no T.O. fan, but I think he should definitely give modeling a try if he becomes bored with the millions he's making in the NFL. Oh yeah, here's his supposed myspace page. Check out his garbage profile song. He needs never record again.

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