Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Who Will be the Next Yao Ming?

Kobe Bryant's been visiting Asia and he looks so happy. By the looks of it, everybody seems happy. He held a 90-minute basketball clinic for the kids over there. I'm sure the Asian ballplayers really enjoyed his lessons on sportsmanship, how to maintain healthy relationships with your teammates, and how to avoid prison time. Gotta love it. it just me or does it seem like damn near everybody in that picture wears glasses?


Anonymous said...

There is a chance I think we may see 1 of the biggest players in NBA history come from China. I say this because from 1 of my sources tell me it's alot of 7 footers walking around in China.

Anonymous said...

There really are a lot of 7 footers walking around China. However, I think they may need to coach aggression over there. Yao Ming could be an explosive dominant force at 7'6 BUT he's not aggressive enough.

Lazarus said...

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