Thursday, September 07, 2006

Message to Mike Tyson: Keep Ya Head Up!

Some crowded around the ring with cell-phone cameras in hand. Others sat at a bar not 20 feet away drinking beer. Still others ignored it all and smoked cigarettes and played slot machines. Mike Tyson used to put on displays. On this day, he was just on display. Down the street, tourists watched lions and dolphins between breaks at the slot machines. In the Aladdin hotel, they didn't need to move from their seats at the bar to see another curiosity in a makeshift ring. The former baddest man on the planet has been reduced to this -- just another freak show on the Las Vegas Strip......Tyson once made $35 million for one fight and more than $300 million in his career before blowing it all. Now he's a casino sideshow, trying to make a few bucks the only way he knows how in a sport he no longer can stand.
"I truly hate fighting," Tyson said. "I've got a bad taste in my mouth." (Continue)

Damn Mike!! This is truly sad to me. Forget all of the outlandish behavior and embarrasment associated with him...this is sad to read. I can' t understand blowing millions of dollars. How do you go from being the hottest thing in boxing to being side show Mike? This is proof that there is no class for the wealthy. Meaning, everyday people are given money and expected to manage it well and do the right thing. No one gives a class to the average Joe who suddenly gets rich about how to make sure he's never broke again. I hope he has some kind of inner happiness because I'm sure that this situation can be very depressing.

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