Monday, September 25, 2006

Larry Brown Wants His Money!

I still say that the New York Knicks are dumb as hell for firing Larry Brown. They're even dumber if they think that Isiah Thomas is going to perform a one year miracle with that team. I'm sure the Knicks fans are wondering WTF?? Since I'm not a fan of any NBA team, the firing of Larry Brown doesn't personally affect me. I just don't think that it was a wise decision. Anyway, Larry is out to get his $50 million plus payoff along with some more monies owed to him. I hope he gets every cent because firing a championship caliber coach after only one season with a team that sucked anyway, was just not very well thought out.

Larry Brown is seeking a $53.5 million payoff from the New York Knicks for firing him after only one season as the team's coach. Along with the $41 million that remained on the original five-year contract he signed last summer, Brown is asking for an additional 25 percent of the original value of the $50 million contract, or an additional $12.5 million, as "liquidated damages" as a result of the firing. The finances were revealed Thursday in a 10-Q form filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by the Knicks' parent company, Cablevision. The Sports Business Journal originally reported the story Friday on the Internet, but Newsday also obtained the 10-Q form, which is a public document. NBA Commissioner David Stern is expected to serve as an arbitrator between the sides. A decision will not be immediately rendered. (Story)


That Bitch! said...

I'm from Detroit, and Larry Brown pissed us off. If this dude keep getting fired from every job, championship or not, something got to be going on behind the scenes that we don't know about.

SmilesD said...

If it weren't for Larry Brown, you wouldn't have that championship from 2 or 3 year ago. You should be thanking him.

I don't care if he gets his money, but I do hope Isiah Thomas does a terrible job. I hate that SOB.

Hot Rod said...

I disagreed with them getting rid of Larry Brown in the 1st place. You gave him what 1 year to turn around a team that has wasted talent up and down it's roster.Regardless of what happens Isiah is not even close to being a great coach like Larry. He proved my point by drafting Renaldo Balkman in the 1st round EXACTLY! What's his name again? Cheaper to keep him Isiah.