Sunday, September 10, 2006

2006 USA Women's World Championship Team Roster Finalized...

The 2006 USA Women's World Championship Team has named its final roster and has concluded the final leg of preparation for the FIBA World Championships. Shock forward Cheryl Ford, Comets center Michelle Snow and University of Tennessee forward Candace Parker will fill out the remaining available roster spots. The U.S. concluded its training with a 56-49 win against Australia in an exhibition match. (INFO)
HOPEFULLY the ladies will represent well for the U.S. I'm definitely hoping they can manage to "go gold." I have confidence that they will. I WILL be watching as much as I can because one of my favorite college players, Candace Parker, is on the team. She happens to be the only non-WNBA on the roster. That's really huge for her. In case you don't know who she is (shame on you if you don't), she's the truth. Enough said.

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