Monday, September 25, 2006

Indianapolis Colt's Reggie Wayne Loses Brother In Automobile Accident...

Indianapolis' victory celebration turned somber Monday. The usually boisterous locker room noise was replaced by emotional, thoughtful reflection as Colts players offered support to their grieving receiver, Reggie Wayne. Wayne's older brother, Rashad, was killed in an automobile accident Sunday -- something Colts players didn't learn until well after Sunday's game ended. After hearing the news, Wayne flew back to his home state of Louisiana so he could help the family make funeral arrangements...Sunday's 21-14 victory over Jacksonville gave Indy the early edge in its quest to win a fourth consecutive AFC South title. But almost before the Colts could savor their 11th straight win over a division foe came word about Wayne's brother. Rashad Wayne, 32, was killed when the delivery truck he was driving crashed into a highway guardrail in Kenner, La. James Gallagher, a spokesman for the Kenner police department, said Rashad Wayne was pronounced dead at the scene. The news instantly changed the Colts' perspective. "That put a damper on a big win for us," coach Tony Dungy said. "Reggie called me right after the game and said he didn't know what happened but that he had to go home. Obviously, that's not a call you want to get."(Story)
Damn! That's too sad. You don't have to personally know a person to be saddened by their misfortune. Things like this should serve as a reminder that no one is exempt from tradegy or heartache. I'm sure Reggie Wayne would trade so much just to have his brother alive and well. We should all realize that life is valuable, but when it's time for it to end it's out of our control. From the richest to the poorest, there's just nothing that can be done to change this. My thoughts are with his family, and the families of everyone suffering from unretrievable losses.


SmilesD said...

It's never good to hear things like that. You might not have known them, but you never know when you might.

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