Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jermaine O'Neal is Tired of Losing!!!

Jermaine O'Neal is fed up with being average. He wants his Pacers to win NOW or he'll be ready to throw Indiana the dueces.

I'm getting to the point, I'm in my 11th year, I don't want to play 82
games and then exit to watch somebody else pop champagne. ... I'm tired of that. I want to compete for a championship. If we can't do it, that's a whole [different] story. (ESPN)

I hope he gets his wish. I'm sure it's hella frustrating to give your all and never win the 'big' games. However, I think a lot of players need to realize that a lot of great players never win championships. There're some players, IMO, that are supposed to be only great players. Look at Charles Barkley....he doesn't have a ring. Neither does Dominique Wilkins and they're both Hall of Famers.


PayAlisha said...

yeah, that's true but the Pacers always seem to come real close to a championship only to fall off at the end. Reggie tried to lead them, then QB's Finest, Artest jacked them up toward the end in 04. They just cant seem to win for losing.

Anonymous said...

This would be so upsetting....Pacers would definitely lose me as a fan if they traded him. They need to start winning!

Anonymous said...

I definitely understand him being tired of losing. But that's a little selfish on his end because he has recruited players to come play with him there. I think that's messed up because Al Harrington came there to play with him. I'd be pissed if a friend talked me into coming to play with him and then he demands a trade. Players today love to take the easy way out. Man up Jermaine you're getting alot of money to lead so do it. Ball Players

Gorgeous Loren said...

His daughter is cute..