Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sprewell Gettin Sued???

I HEARD that Latrell Sprewell is getting sued for over $200 mill!!! Supposedly his longtime "girlfriend" who he shares four kids with is pissed that he hasn't held true to the promise of them being together forever AND he's now going his separate way. What better way to hurt a man than in his pockets right?? Well if this is true, she sounds like the fool. How you gonna have four kids with somebody and be comfortable with a "girlfriend" status for all of these years?? If this is NOT true....my apologies for entertaining this false information :-)


Anonymous said...

I really want to find out what happens in this case because se sounds like a new millennium fool. She trying to get $$$$ because he promised her they would be together. WOW!!! You have to be kidding me this girl went for that I promise you crap and had how many kids for him in the process? I don't know where these dudes find some of these chicks from but either I need to take a lesson from them or I just need to step my game up. Because I thought you could only do stuff like that for so long, let alone get them pregnant. Can you say PIMP SPREWELL

ADB251 said...

She does sound quite stupid. How can you have 4 kids with somone and be with them for over 20 years and be content?? A lot of men really have mind control over their women.