Thursday, January 25, 2007


Well at least that's what a pissed suspended Denton, Texas basketball player claimed the night of a game he was missing because of a suspension. Howard Stirgus, a hurricane Katrina evacuee who's relocated to Texas, was suspened for fighting and was like..."oh hell naw, if I ain't playin' ain't nobody playin'!!" That's when he thought it'd be a good idea to call the school and advise them of this fabricated bomb! He's in jail on $12,500 bond.

Surely this is not funny in 2007 because kids are actually doing shit like that for real, BUT I found a little humor in it. I can just imagine this angy ass basketball player tryna disguise his voice while calling in the bomb threat, LOL!! I wonder if his mama will leave him in jail for a while to "reflect" on his actions...

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