Monday, October 30, 2006

Somebody Please...Grab Isiah, and Snatch the Crack Pipe!!

Can ya'll believe this fool cut Jalen Rose today??? WTF!! I just don't get it. I don't understand. The Knicks picked him up in February (of last season), he averaged 12.7 points in 26 games, and he was expected to make $16.9 million this season!!! Not to mention, he's JALEN ROSE. So why cut him?? I don't think that Isiah is very businessminded (just a wild guess). I guess he has some hellufied trick up his sleeve to help the Knicks win the east. Good Luck.


Hot Rod said...

Isiah is dumb, dumb,dumb, how many times can I say that? Don't worry Jalen they just helped you win a ring because his choices are big surprise the Heat and the Suns. He'll probably go with the Heat more playing time and better fit for him.We'll see who gets the last laugh in this one.

Anonymous said...

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