Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Those Damn Cardinals!

The Arizona Cardinals fired their offensive coordinator today after an embarrassing loss to Chicago on yesterday. I was watching the game in the beginning thinking that the Cardinals were gonna get away with a victory. Matt Leinart was nothing short of awesome throwing two touchdowns in the first half. However, they would go on to blow a 20 point lead, and piss their coach completely off. The Bears' defense stepped up in the second half and they left the stadium as 24-23 winners over the Cardinals. To add insult to injury, the Bears didn't even score an offensive touchdown making NFL History. No team had ever come back from a 20-point deficit without scoring on offense TD until yesterday. This unfortunate turn of events (for the Cardinals) prompted head coach Dennis Green to give the offensive coordinator the ax. Keith Rowen was handed his pink slip and replaced with Arizona's quarterbacks coach.


SmilesD said...

I couldn't believe this. I was flipping between the game and other stuff. One flip it's 23-10, next it's 24-23 and I'm in disbelief.

ADB251 said...

That was crazy..If I was the coach I would've been pissed too. The Cardinals let the Bears enter the record books on they ass.

Julius said...

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