Friday, October 06, 2006

T.O....the Ghetto Dr. Suess!

Here's another T.O post for ya:

Terrell Owens is hilarious. He manages to find a way to bombard the media. Usually it's the other way around. His newest antics include the announcement of his series of children's books. That's right, T.O is writing for the kids. He has co-written a children's book, "Little T Learns To Share," that's due out in November (LMAO!!!). Supposedly that's just the first of others to come. The second volume, "Little T Learns What Not to Say," is due this spring 2007; "Little T Learns To Say I'm Sorry" is expected to hit shelves next fall. He needs to title one of those books "Little T Craves Attention." OR "Little T Needs to Sit His Ass Down."

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