Wednesday, October 04, 2006

CRAZY A** Fans!!!

I hate dumb fans!!! Did you know that the word fan is just short for "fanatic." And the definition of fanatic is: A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm (Source). So maybe that definition would explain these actions....
Detroit police were interviewing witnesses to find out what happened between Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers and a man who filed a complaint against him after an incident near Comerica Park. Rogers was driving out of a parking structure near the ballpark after Saturday night's loss to Kansas City when a man started beating on Rogers' car, Detroit police spokeswoman Yvette Walker said Tuesday. She said Rogers got out and exchanged words with the man, who wanted an autograph. The man told officers that Rogers grabbed him by the collar and had to be restrained, but multiple witnesses said there was no physical contact, Walker said. Rogers got back in his car and drove away. (FOXSports)

That makes a lot of damn sense! I want an autograph so I'm going to beat on your car. Sounds to me like a person trying to cause some ruckus in hopes of getting paid.

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