Tuesday, October 10, 2006


(Corey Ivy)

The Baltimore Ravens' team plane made an unscheduled landing early Tuesday in Pittsburgh so cornerback Corey Ivy could go to a hospital to treat a kidney injury.
Ivy was in stable condition at UPMC-Presbyterian hospital, where he was expected to stay at least through Wednesday for testing, observation and examination by renal specialists, the team said. Ravens spokesman Chad Steele described the injury as a kidney tear.
Ivy was hurt in Monday night's game at Denver when he was hit during a punt return in the third quarter, the Ravens said. He was evaluated on the field and again after the game, when X-rays were taken, said the Ravens' head physician, Dr. Andrew M. Tucker.
"His status changed during the flight when his discomfort became more significant," Tucker said. "Although he was stable, we decided that we should get him to a hospital, where more sophisticated testing could be given, sooner rather than later."
The plane landed about 4 a.m. and Ivy and Tucker went to the hospital. The plane resumed its trip to Baltimore with the rest of the team, landing there about 5:45 a.m.
DAMN!! That sounds extremely painful. The words 'kidney' and 'tear' are a horrible collaboration. I hope that it sounds more serious than it actually is.


SmilesD said...

I hate the Ravens with a burning passion, but Ivy was a WVU product so I have love for him. I hope he's alright.

Anonymous said...

That's crazy, DAMN I bet that hurts hope is career ain't over.

Silas said...

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