Friday, October 06, 2006

A Little College Football for that A**

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!! If you love college football (like myself), you shouldn't be bored because there're plenty of games that'll be nationally televised on tomorrow. Listed below is the schedule so you can find something to watch. I choose the Florida/LSU game as the game of the day. I'm pulling for Florida!

12 PM
Arkansas @ #2 Auburn---CBS
#15 Clemson @ Wake Forest---ESPN
Purdue @ #19 Iowa---ESPNU
Penn State @ Minnesota---ESPN360

1 PM
Virginia Military @ Army---ESPN Classic

Navy @ Air Force---CSTV

2:30 PM
Stanford @ #12 Notre Dame---NBC

3:30 PM
#9 LSU @ #5 Florida---CBS
#7 Texas @ #14 Oklahoma---ABC
Maryland @ #18 Georgia Tech---ESPNU
Akron @ Cincinnati---ESPN360

4:30 PM
Michigan State @ #6 Michigan---ESPN


Cherry-Poppa said...

Auburn listed first?? I wonder why, lol. I can't wait to watch Notre Dame. Brady Quinn is my object of LUST. That boy is FIONE!!

ADB251 said... know why Auburn's first (lol). I'm pulling for Florida though so that Auburn can have it's SEC West crown secured. LSU must lose!

Absolom said...

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