Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I had no idea that Travis Henry (Denver Broncos) had such an disturbingly, interesting situation. If you don't know, he has NINE children with NINE women and all I can say is...ugh! I'm not one to pass judgement and I credit myself on my "openmindedness," but WTF?! What was this guy thinkin?! This dude is hella fertile. If I met him, I'd haul ass in the opposite direction. The sad part about it is I'm sure there're a few boppers who wouldn't mind being baby mama #10. God bless those misguided souls! I can go on and on about this forever, but I'm not. Whether he's a great father or not isn't the point. If this was a woman, no amount of motherly love would make people think that her mothering nine children with nine fathers was ok. I don't live my life controlled by double standards so I'd just like to take this time to call Travis Henry a nasty, stank hoe! (lol)


Spicy's Future Baby-Daddy said...

LMAO @ "stank hoe."

The brother's from the south (and you can tell, too; that nigga just looks southern) and getting women pregnant is a sport in the south. It ranks behind drinking contests, pissing contests after drinking contests, NASCAR, dog-fighting and SEC football. T.I. got 'bout 5 or 6 chir'n of his own. You choose to call him a man whore, I say he's a "pussy connoisseur." He likes to sample different coochies, and everyone likes a good creampie. Doesn't the Bible say, "Go forth and get bitches pregnant" or something like that? Have you seen "Children of Men"? What Travis Henry is doing is trying to make sure that shit doesn't come true. He's sucking titties and fucking raw for the future of our planet. He's a hero.

I don't think walking in the opposite direction would save you. He's got that steroid cum. That thick, sticky, Streth Armstrong type shit that he could tie a lasso with and haul your ass back. He can get anyone pregnant within a 500-foot range, and they ain't even gotta be naked. Shit, I heard Champ Bailey is about to go on maternity leave.

Anonymous said...

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