Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Did Ya'll See the Way They Stopped the Game??

Barry Bonds hitting his 756th career homerun had to be one of the best moments in sports history that I've ever witnessed. Just think, the last time the record was broken was like 50 years ago. It could be another 50 years before it's done again! I've seen a lot of great sports moments, but none like last night. Immediately after Barry hit the HR, the damn game just stopped! His family rushed the field, they gave him a was crazy!! I was confused for a second thinking, "Are they just really gonna end the game in the 5th inning like this??"

After Barry thanked the fans, shed a few tears, spit out a few sunflower seeds, and waved his hat in the air a few times, he was through (off to get pissy drunk and talk shit about all the haters...well that's how I would've celebrated at least). He gathered his belongings and peaced out (gotta love baseball!)...BUT not before Hank Aaron magically appeared on the jumbotron to officially "pass the torch" and give his words of congratulations (for some reason, I think he was strongly persuaded to do this). The commissioner, however, was nowhere in sight (**smh**).

And here's the oh so lucky guy who caught the ball! I bet he got drunker than Barry last night!


Loren said...

Congrats to Barry! I am glad Hank said something. It would have been wrong if he didn't conragtulate him.

The commish REALLY should have been there.

Todd said...

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