Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Esquire's Best Dressed in 2007...

Can ya'll believe that New England Patriot QB Tom Brady topped the list as the #1 best dressed man in 2007 (right ahead of Jay-Z!)?! Well, he did! I don't really take much notice to Tom Brady's off the field attire so I can neither agree nor disagree. However, one person who I take a LOT of notice to came in at #14. IMO the only thing better than a sexy chocolate man is a sexy chocolate man who knows how to dress. That man, ladies and gentlemen, is Dwyane Wade!!!...and he's killin that canary yellow!

...Also gangsta French rappin' Tony Parker Longoria came in at #23. I couldn't seem to find a picture of him without either his game gear on or Eva standing right under him, but we all know what he looks like.

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Loren said...

Tom Brady = FAG. SO what he is fuckin Giselle and has a kid on the way. I have no respect for a "man" who carries purses.

Nice pic of D Wade. I didn't know Tony Longoria (LOL) was a good dresser.