Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Keyshawn Johnson and his eyebrows were released by the Panthers on today!!! I wonder why. I was just talking about the wonderful job that he did on draft day. Maybe they let him go so that he can work in TV full time....Ion know **shrugs shoulders** (Yahoo Sports)


Anonymous said...

Dayum Keyshawn. I thought he did a good job on draft day too. I guess they drafted his replacement.

Loren said...

WOW. I am a bit shocked too. Maybe he'll be sitting next to my boy Trey Wingo on NFL Live.

SJH said...

That nigga was up there grinning and shit when they took Dwayne Jarrett. I was thinking, "Homie, that dude's taking your job." The Panthers have Steve Smith, Keyshawn, Keary Colbert and Drew Carter. Add Jarrett to that and somebody's gotta go. The oldest one with the least upside is Keyshawn.

He'll catch on with another team. He's still a good route runner with good hands. Slow, but he can catch.