Monday, May 07, 2007

Mayweather Has Nothing Else to Prove....

I was one of the many people amped about the Mayweather/De La Hoya fight on Saturday. If you watched the reality series on HBO (like I did), it made you want to see it even if you didn't at first....and if you originally wanted to watch, it created an "I gotta pee real bad" can't wait feeling within (lol).
If you didn't see the fight, shame on you. The fight WAS NOT a bloodbath like talkin' ass Mayweather made everybody think it would be. In fact, I didn't see so much as a cut on anybody's face after the fight. They both looked as pretty afterward as they did before. I didn't care who won...just wanted to see my $55 worth and I did. I was just hoping Oscar beat that ass in honor of Cinco De Mayo. If not for Cinco De Mayo, he should've done it for the sombrero and Mexican colors that Mayweather sported (lol...too funny when I saw it).

Mayweather ended up victorious (split-decision) after the 12 round bout, and later said that he's gonna retire b/c he has "nothing else to prove." We'll see. If so, I hope he has some other income to support his lavish, 'money in yo face' lifestyle! That dude is sick with the stuntin. I'd hate to see him end up like Mike Tyson. Mayweather DID win the fight but he DID NOT beat Oscar's ass. I say....."RE-MATCH."

I must say that since watching HBO before the fight (it's on Demand, ya'll really should check it out), I learned a lot about the two that I didn't know. I had no idea that Floyd Mayweather, Sr. trained De La Hoya for like six years. I like how Big Floyd is holdin on to his braids. That shows that he has "stick-to-it-ness".

When the camera got shots of the people in the audience, it looked like a celebrity only event. EVERYBODY was there...even M.J and Laker groupie, Jack Nicholson.

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Anonymous said...

Mayweather had the sombrero on backwards out of disrespect. De La Hoya should have slapped him. I can't stand Mayweather's ignorant ass.